“Arrogance will be weakness,” Ian Garry predicted to have Conor McGregor-like ‘downfall’ at the hands of Mexican or Brazilian fighter

MMA fighter Diego Sanchez talks about Irish talent Ian Garry, predicting that he will taste his first defeat soon.

“Arrogance will be weakness,” Ian Garry predicted to have Conor McGregor-like ‘downfall’ at the hands of Mexican or Brazilian fighter

Ian Garry and Conor McGregor (Image via Imago)

Former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez has compared Ian Garry‘s career trajectory with Conor McGregor. The UFC fighter stated that Garry’s arrogance will lead to his downfall. Diego Sanchez drew parallels with Conor McGregor’s journey.

In an interview with The Schmo, Ian Garry talked about a potential fight with Colby Covington and how he was planning a UFC Dublin card soon. Garry expressed that he was ready to take on Colby Covington in that card if the opportunity presented itself.


He expressed confidence that he would easily take on Colby Covington and defeat him. Diego Sanchez came across this clip on Instagram. He took to the comments and wrote:

Mark my words this young man gets subbed by a Brazilian or knocked out by a Mexican who comes from nothing and just wants it more... his arrogance will be his weakness in his first defeat.

Conor McGregor is known for his confidence and bravado. However, in recent times the UFC star has faced challenges in his career. Sanchez implied that such arrogance could lead to vulnerability. The comparison reflected Sanchez’s opinion and perspective on Ian Garry’s career path.

Diego Sanchez on Ian Garry
Diego Sanchez on Ian Garry (Image via Instagram)

Ian Garry is undefeated competing in the Welterweight division of the UFC. His record stands at an impressive 13-0-0, with 7 wins by (T)KO and 1 by submission. He has an upcoming fight against Vincente Luque this December at UFC 296.


Ian Garry reveals story that left him in awe of Conor McGregor during sparring

Ian Garry recently disclosed Conor McGregor’s behind-the-scenes training details. He shared an incident where he was stunned by Conor during one of their sparring sessions.

Ian Garry Conor McGregor training
Ian Garry Conor McGregor training ( Image via X )

Conor McGregor and Ian Garry have been training together for some time now. Garry who is a welterweight contender, expressed admiration for Conor McGregor’s skills. McGregor recently sparred with Garry.

On The Energized Show Garry revealed the incident where Conor McGregor apparently brought back his former octagon presence with the split stand squat and the spins and this left the Irish talent in awe.


He shared footage of their session, one which included a good amount of exchanges of leg kicks. Garry’s story gave a hint of McGregor’s training dynamics and the intensity of their sessions. Conor McGregor and Ian Garry have a close relationship, with Garry growing up idolizing McGregor. The two share a mutual respect, and Garry considers McGregor his best mate.

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