UFC champion vows to ‘mentally break’ ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins in sparring match; gets trolled online

Sean Strickland, the UFC middleweight champion, made some controversial remarks on retired Navy Seal David Goggins.

UFC champion vows to ‘mentally break’ ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins in sparring match; gets trolled online

Sean Strickland challenges David Goggins to a 15 minute sparring session (via Imago/Medium)

In an unexpected turn of events, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has revealed his intention to spar with legendary ex-Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner David Goggins, promising to “mentally break” him. This surprise challenge has sparked conflicting emotions and trolling directed at Strickland in the internet community.

Sean Strickland, known for his blunt and unedited style, made the audacious assertion on social media. He claimed that he could mentally outmatch Goggins in a sparring match. The internet taunting began almost immediately. People emphasize the disparities between Strickland’s experience in professional fighting and Goggins’ achievements in military and endurance sports.

David Goggins, i heard you are in Vegas. I wanna spar you for 15 minutes. You are a tough motherf*****. I wanna see if i can physically and mentally break you in sparring
Sean Strickland via Instagram

In the video uploaded taunting Strickland for his outlandish claims, Sean Strickland replied and made some comments. He doubled down on his challenge, urging Goggins to accept it. Known for his brash personality, this is what he commented on the post:

“I'll put a little bell on top of the cage he can ring when he quits”
Sean Strickland’s comment on the trolling video

Sean Strickland’s promise to psychologically break David Goggins has been regarded with skepticism. However, it has undoubtedly sparked a discussion about the challenges and strengths connected with various types of mental resilience.

Sean Strickland relentlessly slams Ian Garry and his wife on social media

Sean Strickland, the UFC middleweight champion, recently turned to social media to mock Ian Garry and his wife, Layla Anna-Lee. Strickland didn’t hold back when it came to his feelings regarding Garry’s personal life. The conflict began when the former discovered Layla Anna-Lee’s book “How to Be a Wag.” The word ‘Wag’ is an abbreviation for the wives and girlfriends of high-profile sports figures.

Sean Strickland goes after Ian Garry and his "succubus" wife
Sean Strickland goes after Ian Garry and his “succubus” wife (via Imago/ MMA News)

Strickland called Ian Garry’s wife a “su**ubus.” This remark was in direct response to the discovery that Garry’s wife had written a book on the subject. The fact that Layla Anna-Lee is 14 years older than Garry exacerbated the matter. Sean Strickland didn’t shy away from addressing it, emphasizing that the age gap and the content of the book both bothered him.

The social media confrontation didn’t end there. Ian Garry replied, threatening Sean Strickland with legal action if the slander continued. Strickland, on the other hand, aggravated the situation by releasing screenshots of Garry’s communications and criticizing his courage. It remains to be seen if this rivalry will have any influence on the fighters’ professional careers or if it will fade away as simply another chapter in the world of MMA drama.

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