“Shuts your whole body down,” $450 million worth Kevin Hart once gave reality check to Thugs about messing with UFC fighters

American actor and comedian Kevin Hart talked about the dangerous skill set of the UFC fighters and warns thugs to stay away from them.

“Shuts your whole body down,” $450 million worth Kevin Hart once gave reality check to Thugs about messing with UFC fighters

Kevin Hart talks about how dangerous UFC fighters can be (Image Courtesy- Live Nation, UFC)

Famous actor and comedian Kevin Hart has a tremendous amount of respect for combat sports athletes. His famous interaction with Floyd Mayweather always entertained the fans. In a stand-up performance, he spoke about how dangerous UFC fighters can be in real life. Kevin Hart also talked about how thugs thought they could take on UFC fighters, but they are all bark and no bite. Hart said, “UFC fighters! They exist. They know sh*t. Touch a pressure point and it shuts your whole body down.


Many UFC fighters call themselves thugs or gangsters, such as Conor McGregor, who attacked a UFC bus with his team. At that time, he intensely hated former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagaomedov. This is because “The Eagle” slapped his friend and teammate Artem Lobov. McGregor also made the headlines when he punched a man at his pub. On multiple occasions, Kevin Holland became a real-life superhero with his skills. He stopped criminals and robberies when he was not training for fights.

The Diaz brothers are two other examples of thugs in the UFC, Nick Diaz fought with former rival Joe Riggs in the hospital after their clash. Surprisingly, his younger brother Nate also joined and started beating up Riggs. Nate Diaz is also known for smoking marijuana during and after press conferences. Recently, he got in trouble with the law after choking someone unconscious in New Orleans.

Hart is known for his standup specials and comedic roles in Hollywood movies. His most notable role came in the Jumanji movie series with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Recently, he collaborated with Mark Wahlberg in the movie Me Time. Kevin Hart has also met with many UFC fighters, such as Kamaru Usman, Leon Edwards, and Francis Ngannou.


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Kevin Hart visits UFC superstar Conor McGregor’s pub

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart (Image Courtesy- Esquire)

Hart visited Conor McGregor’s The Blackforge Inn before one of his shows in Ireland. McGregor bought the pub, and it remains a popular destination in Ireland. Hart had a look at the menu and treated himself to a drink. Many influencers and internet personalities like boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, rapper Coolio, and MMA reporter Ariel Helwani visited the Blackforge.

The pub was bought by McGregor in 2019 for an estimated $2.2 million. It also posted on Instagram about Hart’s visit. McGregor face timed Hart after the American actor visited the pub. Hart thanked the UFC star for his hospitality and praised his pub in a wholesome conversation.

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The pub is very famous in Ireland and broadcasts McGregor’s previous fights during working hours. Customers can also take photos while they pose with McGregor’s featherweight and lightweight championship belts from his UFC title reign.


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