“No way any of us were beating her,” Former champ Miesha Tate openly relieved about Amanda Nunes’ retirement; finally believes in becoming champion

Amanda Nunes announced her retirement after a win over Irene Aldana at UFC 289.

“No way any of us were beating her,” Former champ Miesha Tate openly relieved about Amanda Nunes’ retirement; finally believes in becoming champion

Miesha Tate speaks on Amanda Nunes's retirement ( Image source: L/R- Getty Images )

UFC contender Miesha Tate recently spoke about former UFC champion Amanda Nunes‘s retirement. Tate is optimistic about the upcoming opportunities and is kind of relieved after Nunes’s retirement. She believes it has opened up new opportunities for her and other fighters in the division. Freshly retired Amanda Nunes hung up her gloves after successfully defending her bantamweight title at UFC 289. Tate and Nunes had previously clashed in a bout and it did not go very well for Tate.


Amanda Nunes and Miesha Tate headlined the UFC 200 main event. Nunes went on to submit Tate in the first round itself. She dominated the division ever since she became champion in 2016. She fought big stars like Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg, and Holly Holm, and each time, she came out on top. Nunes once lost her title to a rear naked choke from Julianna Pena at UFC 269. However, she reclaimed her title in their rematch at UFC 277.

Now that Nunes has vacated the title, all the contenders have locked their eyes on the top spot. Speaking to reporters on the UFC Hall of Fame red carpet, Tate expressed her gratitude for Nunes’s formidable presence and thereafter retirement. She said, “There was no way any of us were beating her, so thank God”. She believes that the Brazilian‘s retirement has opened up the division, and she feels that she is just one fight away from earning a shot at the title. “I believe I’m one fight away,” she said. Tate acknowledges that some may find her claim surprising, but she believes her recent performances support her case.

Despite not being as active as she would have liked, Tate highlights her dominant finish in one fight since her return. Although she recognizes the need for a strong comeback against a top-quality opponent, Tate firmly believes that her name should at least be up for the title. “…at least my name could be dropped in the bucket. I’m not saying that I would be picked for sure, but I’d like to at least be talked about in being in contention,” she said.


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Miesha Tate names potential opponents after Amanda Nunes’s Retirement

Miesha Tate
Miesha Tate names prospective opponents for her next fight ( Image source: Getty Images )

Tate hopes to return to the Octagon in October after hand surgery. Looking ahead, she has identified two potential opponents who could be in line for her next fight. One of them is Irene Aldana, who recently fought Nunes for the title and is still a hot topic in the division.

Tate sees this fight as an exciting opportunity. Another potential opponent is Yana Kunitskaya, who recently moved up in weight and had a tough fight against Karol Rosa. Tate was pleased with Kunitskaya’s performance and considers her a strong opponent.

Many fighters have expressed their emotions following Nunes’s retirement announcement. Cyborg expressed her disappointment since no prospect for a rematch remains between her and Nunes. Meanwhile, Julianna Pena was furious she did not receive the trilogy fight she so vehemently demanded. As the seat of the bantamweight title holder remains open, fans eagerly await their new UFC women’s bantamweight champion.


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