“Colby Covington of female fighters” – Fans trash Julianna Pena for constantly yelling during Amanda Nunes’ retirement speech at UFC 289

Fans have slammed Julianna Pena for unsportsman-like behaviour during Amanda Nunes's retirement speech. Take a look at what fans had to say on Twitter...

“Colby Covington of female fighters” – Fans trash Julianna Pena for constantly yelling during Amanda Nunes’ retirement speech at UFC 289

Fans thrash Julianna Pena for her behavior at UFC 289 ( Image source: L/R- Getty Images )

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Julianna Pena, has recently faced considerable criticism. Due to her controversial reaction during Amanda Nunes‘ retirement speech at UFC 289, fans took to Twitter to roast Pena. Nunes just delivered a dominant performance, successfully defending her bantamweight title before surprising everyone with her retirement announcement.


As Nunes emotionally expressed her decision to step away from the sport, Julianna Pena, who had previously fought Nunes twice, was spotted in the audience booing and making derogatory comments towards the former two-division world champion. This display of unsportsmanlike behavior quickly drew the fire of fans, who didn’t hesitate to voice their disappointment and disapproval. She also took to Twitter to further express her frustrations. In a tweet, she boldly claimed that Nunes retired because she was afraid of facing her in the ring again. This statement only fueled the already heated discussions and intensified the criticism directed at Pena.

Pena and Nunes first clashed in December 2021 at UFC 269, which resulted in Pena’s shocking upset victory. In a surprising turn of events, Pena managed to submit Nunes in the second round, stunning the MMA world. However, their paths crossed once more at UFC 277, and this time Nunes reclaimed her title. During the post-fight press conference, Nunes also shared her thoughts on the possibility of Pena regaining the UFC women’s bantamweight championship. Pena had relentlessly pursued a trilogy fight with Nunes, but given Nunes’ retirement, that probably will never happen.

Pena’s absence from UFC 289 due to a rib injury came as a surprise to many. However, it did not prevent her from disparaging Nunes during her retirement speech. This was not the first time Pena had launched verbal assaults on Nunes either. In an interview with “SHAK MMA,” Julianna Pena asserted that her victory over Nunes in their initial encounter brought relevance back to Nunes’ career, insinuating that Amanda Nunes owed her gratitude for rejuvenating her image.


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Fans criticize Julianna Pena’s behavior during Amanda Nunes’s retirement speech

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Amanda Nunes announces retirement from the UFC ( Image source: Getty Images )

Pena’s actions have garnered harsh reactions, with fans criticizing her lack of sportsmanship and respect toward a fellow fighter’s retirement. Despite their past rivalry, many believe that Pena’s behavior was uncalled for and has ultimately tarnished her own reputation.

Unfortunately for Pena, the possibility of a trilogy rematch now seems doubtful. Nunes, aged 35, made the decision to retire, relinquishing both her women’s featherweight and bantamweight titles, and leaving the sport with an impeccable legacy.

It remains to be seen how Pena will respond to the backlash she has received.


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