Owner of private jet and super yacht, Conor McGregor baffled as Spanish minister cons people at climate conferencing

Conor McGregor slams Spanish minister for hypocritical climate summit stunt in scathing Twitter response.

Owner of private jet and super yacht, Conor McGregor baffled as Spanish minister cons people at climate conferencing

Conor Mcgregor and Teresa Ribera (Image Courtesy: talkSport/Sky Sports)

Conor McGregor shows his annoyance towards a Spanish minister for fooling the public at the climate conference. Teresa Ribera recently went viral on the internet after being seen riding a bike to the climate summit hosted by the European Union. The minister might have wanted to make a statement through the move but it ended up attracting a lot of backlash from the public.


Many netizens expressed displeasure towards Teresa Ribera after it was revealed that she traveled via a jet plane to reach there. The minister was chauffeured by cars throughout her journey until the last 100 meters where she brought in cycles and rode to the entrance of the venue. During that time also she was accompanied by two cars for her security which forced the people to claim that it was just a PR stunt. and took to Twitter to give his opinion. Conor McGregor who is mostly active on Twitter and randomly shares news and events made a tweet by giving his opinion.

“Ridiculous carry on. Enough! Either walk it, talk it, live it, breath it. Or shut it!,” wrote Conor. McGregor seems to totally dislike the hypocrisy of the situation and the people who are trying to push the narrative without doing anything themselves.

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Conor McGregor is currently in fear of getting clean-swept at TUF against Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor (Image CourtesyESPNMarca)
Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor (Image Courtesy: ESPN/Marca)

On The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 31 Conor McGregor has experienced yet another setback in his career as a coach. In the most recent TUF show, the Irishman, who has been coaching the group of hopefuls, suffered his seventh straight defeat. In the latest episode, Landon Quinones, a member of Conor McGregor’s camp, was submitted by veteran fighter Jason Knight within the first minute of the opening round.

McGregor brought up the issue of what would happen if he does not have a fighter in the semifinals, expressing his apparent concern about the potential whitewash and his future as a coach on TUF.

The TUF executive producer interestingly replied, saying: “Well, it’s never happened before. We see if anybody wants to go over to the other team.”  A victory for Michael Chandler‘s team would result in the first clean in the history of the television series with only one bout remaining in the quarterfinals stage of the competition.

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