“Getting Steph Curry 2016 treatment” – Caitlin Clark strikes fear and draws three opponents in unusual sequence; fans react

Caitlin Clark tied her career-high of 30 points against the Washington Mystics.

“Getting Steph Curry 2016 treatment” – Caitlin Clark strikes fear and draws three opponents in unusual sequence; fans react

Caitlin Clark tricked three defenders in a single sequence

After getting physically dominated by the defenders, Caitlin Clark slowly starts to remind viewers of her Iowa days with the Indiana Fever. The 22-year-old’s unreal scoring abilities generate fear among her opponents as Fever has started to turn things around.

The Indiana Fever defeated the Washington Mystics on Friday. As the game was memorable for multiple reasons, one unusual play by Caitlin Clark went viral on social media. In the final minutes of the game, Clark ran into the paint to puzzle her opponent but quickly came back outside the three-point line. Knowing her abilities from beyond the arc, two more defenders chased her in an attempt to stop her.

However, Clark only tried to get her teammate open by embarrassing her opponents. The play worked out perfectly as Kelsey Mitchell was left wide open near the corner and as she hit a flawless three-pointer. The play gave the Fever a five-point lead and helped secure the win.

Fans were in awe of Clark’s play and overall performance. The rookie sensation played the most minutes and scored the most points between both teams. The star broke records as she tied her career-high 30 points, eight rebounds, and six assists in the win.

Fans were amazed by Caitlin Clark drawing multiple defenders

Recently, the unnecessary physicality while defending Clark has generated a lot of controversy in the basketball world. However, the rookie is reminding everyone of the reason behind the tough treatment she has constantly received. Clark relies on her talent to take down defenders, just like she did against the Mystics.

The sequence late in the fourth quarter showed Clark’s incredible skills as a point guard. The star distracted multiple opponents to create opportunities for her teammates. The play amazed the netizens and reminded them of Stephen Curry. Fans took to social media to react to the sequence. Check out some of the reactions from X below.

After struggling in the first few games, Clark has found her rhythm in the WNBA. With her solo outing, the guard also helps her teammates to do better and get the wins. It will be interesting to see where the team goes from this point, as Clark is only 12 games in with the Indianan Fever.

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