Former WWE champion finally reveals the reason behind his shocking heel turn on SmackDown 

The Bad Apple justifies his diabolical attack on Dragon Lee.

Former WWE champion finally reveals the reason behind his shocking heel turn on SmackDown 

Betrayal on WWE SmackDown [via- Wrestle Features on X and WWE]

Getting one’s lick back has been a staple of professional wrestling since the tigers used to smoke. Some of them are straight out of the blue, but there have been a few instances in WWE that actually made sense. Last week on SmackDown, Carlito turned his back on the LWO after he was convicted of taking Dragon Lee out a night before WrestleMania XL.

The LDF‘s Elektra Lopez could be credited with obtaining the security footage. In the same, The Caribbean Cool can be seen doubling down on Lee. Everyone was wondering why Carlito backstabbed his own stablemate. Last night on SmackDown, Byron Saxton asked the Puerto Rican wrestler the same question. Colon expressed resentment at Rey Mysterio’s decision to field Dragon Lee in that tag team match against Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania.

The 45-year-old said all he wanted was a WrestleMania moment with his family, viz., the LWO. However, Rey had other plans and preferred an upstart in Lee over a fancied veteran in Carlito. The latter said that Dragon, a former NXT North American Champion, had been here for like 5 minutes. Therefore, as The Master of 619 didn’t do justice to The Bad Apple, he had to find a way out.

So, when Rey challenged Santos and Dominik to a match at WrestleMania, think he'd make the right choice and choose Carlito. Instead, he chose Dragon Lee. Someone's who's been good for what? 5 minutes? That's not cool. So, Carlito managed it with his own hands.
Carlito on why he betrayed the LWO on SmackDown

Since Carlito couldn’t make it to The Showcase of the Immortals, he made sure neither Lee did. At last, the latter, out of nowhere, started unloading on the former US Champion. It ensued a pull-apart brawl in the backstage area. Soon, the WWE officials restored tranquility, but not without Mysterio’s protege getting his own up on Carlito.

Carlito is on a collision course with the LWO on WWE Raw

This past Monday on Raw, the LWO and Carlito were drafted to the red brand. Not to forget that their arch-nemesis, the Legado Del Fantasma, is staying on Friday nights. Nonetheless, it isn’t even about LWO vs. LDF anymore.

Carlito attacking Dragon Lee
Dragon Lee and Carlito (via WWE)

Instead, the Latino World Order boss, Rey Mysterio, needs to figure out what Carlito has up his sleeve. They’re destined to butt heads. However, the question is: how long before they finally got toe-to-toe? Female LWO member Zelina Vega was in dismay when The Bad Apple was found guilty.

Vega’s seen enough of this. Not to forget that Santos Escobar did it first when he outwitted the WWE Hall of Famer last year. The fans believe that the internal sabotage within the LWO has run its course.

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