Charles Barkley shuts Chris Haynes up with a brutal response over ‘Filipino league’ argument

Charles Barkley has created quite the reputation of a 'roaster' in the NBA community.

Charles Barkley shuts Chris Haynes up with a brutal response over ‘Filipino league’ argument

Charles Barkley made fun of reporter Chris Haynes for playing in the Filipino league

The Inside the NBA host Charles Barkley never misses an opportunity to roast people around him. The analyst’s witty humor always leaves the NBA fans in splits. Likewise, ahead of the Western Conference’s play-in game, Barkley decided to have some fun with TNT’s sideline reporter Chris Haynes.


After Chris Haynes gave an update about the Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings game, Ernie Johnson asked about the league Haynes is playing in. While answering, Haynes revealed that he is the MVP of the Filipino league. This is when Charles Barkley interrupted and decided to make fun of the reporter.

No disrespect. I know I'm gonna get in trouble when I ask this question, how many Filipinos been drafted into the NBA?
Charles Barkley quipped

On behalf of Barkley, Johnson apologized to Haynes as everyone in the room started laughing including the reporter. Further, co-host Shaquille O’Neal could not help but add his joke as he came up with a Filipino name for Haynes.

I know his Filipino name…Manny Blacquiao. 
Shaquille O’Neal chimed in

Shaq was referring to the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao who had a short basketball career.


The Inside the NBA crew have incredible chemistry with each other. The hosts’ constant give and take and wholesome humor makes the show a fan favorite. Along with the veteran’s insightful takes on basketball, NBA fans also tune in purely to get entertained.

Chris Haynes made fun of Shaquille O’Neal with a Charles Barkley impression

Long before Haynes got roasted by Barkley and O’Neal, the reporter previously attempted to mock Shaq. In February, during the NBA All-Star game, Barkley was joined by Warriors star Draymond Green at TNT’s broadcast. During this time, Chuck and Green went back and forth taking hilarious jibes at each other. The exchange was one of the most talked about topics around the weekend.

Haynes decided to use the same roasts on O’Neal during the pregame coverage of the Warriors vs. LA Lakers game. As the other hosts saw the joke coming and were laughing before the punchline, Shaq was left speechless and surprised.

You know who just asked about you, Shaq?...Nobody. 
Chris Haynes said

It seems like while working together at TNT, the Inside the NBA hosts have built up a fun relationship with Haynes. Along with reporting, Haynes is also taking some humor lessons from the funniest NBA analysts. However, as Chuck and Shaq suggested, the reporter might also need some basketball lessons.


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