Cody Rhodes sells insane amount of merchandise during WrestleMania weekend: Reports

Cody Rhodes 'finished the story' and became the Undisputed Champion at WrestleMania 40.

Cody Rhodes sells insane amount of merchandise during WrestleMania weekend: Reports

Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania (via WWE)

Cody Rhodes is officially at the top of the mountain in WWE. After finishing his story at WrestleMania, his popularity, which was already at an all-time high, was bound to grow. As such, The American Nightmare unsurprisingly ended up breaking records during the historic weekend. According to Fightful Select, Rhodes sold over $1 million in merchandise throughout the two-day extravaganza.

Evidently, the promotion has hand-picked the right star to lead this “new” era. Over the past few months, the Undisputed Champion has proven why he deserves to be the face of the company. Whether it be accepting a fan’s request to become his best man or promising to be a five-year-old’s birthday party, the WWE Universe believes in Cody Rhodes.

On WrestleMania Night 2, he dethroned the longest-reigning champion of this century. After a chaotic and fun battle, the 38-year-old star finally pinned Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring. At the very least, the celebrations were heartwarming for fans and wrestlers. For some, it was a victory for those whose voices were heard. The #WeWantCody movement led to one of the most emotional moments in professional wrestling history.

The next night on Raw, Rhodes stood in the ring while the Philadelphia crowd chanted, “You deserve it!” Needless to say, the predictions of fans turning on The American Nightmare have proven to be ultimately wrong. On the contrary, the WWE Universe is more than excited to see what lies ahead for Dusty’s son.

When will The Rock vs. Cody Rhodes take place?

On this week’s episode of Raw, The Rock interrupted Cody Rhodes. The Final Boss engaged in an ‘awkward’ segment with his rival, where they exchanged their titles. However, Rocky made it perfectly clear that he was coming after The American Nightmare before announcing that he was leaving due to Hollywood commitments.

The Rock and Cody Rhodes on Raw
The Rock and Cody Rhodes on Raw [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

Interestingly, The Great One handed something to Rhodes, making him promise to never break his heart again. As reported previously, the Black Adam star will be shooting for the upcoming biopic, ‘The Smashing Machine’. Therefore, he will be absent from WWE programming until August. While the match with the new Undisputed Champion is an inevitability, the time and place for it have been speculated widely online.

Many fans believe that this is a WrestleMania-worthy match, and hence, it will take place at next year’s Showcase of Immortals. Meanwhile, others assume the bout will be held earlier, presumably at SummerSlam or at the second Saudi show. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how the personal rivalry plays out.

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