Conduit in Minecraft: How to make it, uses and more

The Conduit in Minecraft gives the player many added benefits like Night vision underwater, Water breathing and much more. This structure is a must have for players!

Conduit in Minecraft
Conduit in Minecraft: All you need to know

Minecraft has several items that the players can build to give various effects an buffs to them. In this article we discuss one of them, the Conduit in Minecraft and how to make and use it.

Minecraft is a open world sand-box game where player may build whatever they what and whenever they want. The game has a lot of useful items that the players can build which helps them by giving them buffs and other useful powers. The Conduit is one such item and gives the player a wide variety of good effects.

Down below we take a look at the Conduit in Minecraft and how to use it.

Conduit in Minecraft: Uses in the game

Conduit in Minecraft
Conduit in Minecraft

The Conduit is a special block in Minecraft that provides the players with a special buff upon successful activation.

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The Conduit provides the player with Conduit Power, which is an area-of-effect status effect which has all the properties of Water Breathing, Night Vision and Haste. These effects are only active while in water or when in rain. It also attacks hostile mobs underwater that are at least 8 blocks apart.

Conduit in Minecraft
Conduit in Minecraft

To work the conduit needs to be enclosed within a 3x3x3 volume of waterlogged blocks and on a 5×5 squares centred on the conduit as shown above. Only prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks or sea lantern can be used for the frame of the device.

Conduit: How to build it?

Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

To build the Conduit in Minecraft, players need two rare items apart from the Prismarine blocks. These are:

  • Nautilus shells x8
  • Heart of the Sea x1

The nautilus shells are found while fishing, drops from Drowned mobs or can be found in Treasure chests.

The Heart of the Sea in Minecraft is a rare item and can only be found in a Buried Treasure chest which requires the players to find a Treasure map in shipwrecks, ocean ruins, etc.

Conduit in Minecraft
Conduit in Minecraft

Combine the two in the Crafting table just like shown above to create the Conduit!

Conduit in Minecraft
Conduit in Minecraft

To activate the Conduit, players need to construct a activation frame underwater, as shown above and put the Conduit in middle to power it up and enjoy its benefits!

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