Top 5 rare Biomes in Minecraft Survival!

Biomes in Minecraft are often hard to come across and these are the top 5 rare biomes in Minecraft that have a rare chance of spawning.

5 rare Biomes in Minecraft
5 rare Biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft has a ton of biomes that the players can explore, but some of them are rarer and harder to come across than the others. In this article we take a look at the 5 rare Biomes in Minecraft and how they look like.

Biomes in Minecraft are one of most interesting aspects of the game in general. Biomes refer to the environment that is around the player. This can be varied as the player moves and explore new places. the biomes all have their own characteristics and even have appropriate mobs spawning on them.

Listed down below are the top 5 rare Biomes in Minecraft!

Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills

5 rare Biomes in Minecraft
Bamboo Jungle

The Bamboo Jungle is one of the most beautiful and rare biomes in Minecraft. The jungle is marked with tall trees with lush greenery and tall bamboo trees. Players can also find the Podzol, a special dirt block. Moreover, there are many jungle mobs like parrot, pandas, ocelots.

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Mushroom Fields and Mushroom Field Shore

5 rare Biomes in Minecraft
Mushroom Fields

This is one of the most rare biomes in Minecraft and has a unique mob called Mooshrooms, a red mushroom covered cow. These Mushroom Fields generate as islands in the middle of the ocean.

The land variant of Mushroom Fields is even rarer. This biome is covered with Mycelium, Mushroom Blocks and Mushrooms. These biomes also have no spawns of hostile mobs.

Snowy Taiga Mountains

5 rare Biomes in Minecraft
Snowy Taiga Mountain

This is the third rarest biome in the game and these mountains sport deeper gorges and steeper slopes. The landscape is marked with snow-capped trees and ground and also has numerous mountains and hills.

Modified Badlands Plateau

5 rare Biomes in Minecraft
Modified Badlands Biome

This is a very rare variant of the Badlands biome and has a harsher terrain. The general landscape also resembles plateaus and has gentler slopes. This is the second most rare Biomes in Minecraft.

Modified Jungle Edge

5 rare Biomes in Minecraft
Modified Jungle Edge Biome

This is the rarest biome in Minecraft as stated by their developers. This biome gets the “extremely rare” tag. The reason for its rarity is the conditions that it needs to spawn. A Swamp Hills biome is required to generate beside the Jungle biome.

Moreover, these biomes are very small and only cover a few blocks in the overworld.

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