Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft: Which weapon is better for ranged combat?

Crossbows and Bows are two of the most well known ranged weapons in Minecraft and we compare Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft to see which is better!

Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft
Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft

Minecraft has ample amount of combat where players can either fight off enemy mobs in PvE mode or indulge in PvP with their friends. In this article we compare Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft to see which one is better for ranged fights.

Minecraft has a very action packed combat system where players can use a variety of weapons and tools to outplay their opponents. The ranged weapon department is a bit lacking in Minecraft as there are only 3 possible weapons for the players to use in ranged combat, and those being, crossbows, bows and tridents.

Down below we compare Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft.

Bows in Minecraft

Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft

Bows are the oldest ranged weapon in Minecraft and is still one of the best to use in ranged combat.

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Bows only require sticks and strings to make, which is easily found in the early part of the game. The bows require arrows to function and those are easily made as well. Click here to know how to make a bow.

Stats of Bows

  • 0.1 sec charge – 1 heart
  • 0.2-0.9 sec charge – 5 hearts
  • 1+ sec charge – 6 hearts
  • 1+ sec critical – 10 hearts

Enchantments in Bows

Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft
Bows in Minecraft
  • Power – Increases damage of the bow.
  • Punch – Increases the knockback
  • Flame – Ignites arrows with damage
  • Infinity – Infinite arrows as long as there is one arrow
  • Unbreaking – Causes less durability loss
  • Mending – Consumes XP to prevent durability loss
  • Curse of Vanishing – Disappears when dropped by the player

Moreover, the Arrows can also be enchanted to deal more damage.


Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft

The Crossbow was introduced in the game after the bow and can use both arrows and fireworks as ammunitions.

Making the Crossbow is a bit tough as the players need to make a Tripwire Hook before making the Crossbow. However, this is a powerful weapon capable of dealing more damage than the bow. Click here to learn how to make a Crossbow.


  • Minimum damage: 6 hearts
  • Maximum damage: 11 hearts
  • Maximum with fireworks: 18 hearts

Enchantments for Crossbow

Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft
  • Quick Charge: Reduces reload time
  • Multishot: Fires 3 shot spread out in-front
  • Piercing: Makes the arrow pierce the target and hit anything behind it
  • Unbreaking: Reduces durability loss
  • Mending: Consumes EXP to repair the weapon
  • Curse of Vanishing: Vanishes when dropped

The Arrows can also be enchanted to be used with crossbows.

Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft

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Both the weapons are great choices for ranged combat and comparing crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft is an easy task.

Crossbows are definitely better than bows in all situations except if the players love to have the fire enchantment. The crossbow has a higher damage, higher range and higher accuracy when compared to the bow.

The only negative is that it takes longer to reload. However, the Quick Charge enchantment gets rid of that problem and makes the reload even faster than the bow. Moreover, with the ability to shoot fireworks, the crossbow has a even higher firepower.

Therefore, comparing Crossbows vs Bows in Minecraft, the Crossbow definitely wins!

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