“I had to keep a straight face,” 41-year-old Superstar reveals the most tantalizing part about his match with Bad Bunny

Damian Priest was on the fence for a while before locking horns with Bad Bunny.

“I had to keep a straight face,” 41-year-old Superstar reveals the most tantalizing part about his match with Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny [via- Britannica.com]

The art known as pro wrestling is ingrained with a plethora of eclectic personas. It’s indispensable for a wrestler to stay within the confines of their character. However, there have been instances where these pros were made to put that code of conduct on the back burner. Damian Priest faced Bad Bunny last year at Backlash. And the reigning World Heavyweight Champion was on the precipice of breaking his character before the match even began.


In a recent conversation with Squared Circle Pit, the 41-year-old detailed how he managed to keep a straight face during Bad Bunny’s flamboyant entrance. The latter came out to his singles hit Chambea, in an arena crammed with boisterous Puerto Ricans. They serenaded Bunny’s battle hymn word-by-word. As Priest said, the floor that night was shaking. And he couldn’t help but keep himself reminding to cut everything off and be a bad guy in kayfabe, which he was at that point.

The Judgment Day member revealed that he got goosebumps while the rapper was basking in the adulation of the local crowd. Seeing all that unfold in real time could blow anyone’s mind, which Damian experienced first-hand. However, he did not fold and maintained a grim look on his face. Once the dust settled on San Benito’s entrance, what transpired afterwards was hard to believe.

That was wild, in his entrance and I got goosebumps while I was in the ring waiting for him and then but I had to keep a straight face, you know? Angry or whatever but, that was one of the wildest things I had ever seen.
Damian Priest on Bad Bunny’s entrance at Backlash 2023

A celebrity figure like Bad Bunny, who’s never had a one-on-one match in WWE until that point, kept pace with Priest the entire time and they stole the show. The King of Latin Trap went through hell as the bout was a San Juan Street Fight. Nonetheless, the 30-year-old trumped The Archer of Infamy after planting him with a Canadian Destroyer.

What are the future plans for Damian Priest in WWE?

What a difference an year can make. In 2023, at Backlash, Damian Priest was whipped by who? An outsider. However, the fans believe that Bad Bunny’s been one of the best celebrities to step foot inside the squared circle.

Damian Priest
Damian Priest at WrestleMania XL [via- WWE]

Now then, in 2024, at the same PLE, Priest was the World Heavyweight Champion and successfully ousted Jey Uso to retain his gold. But what’s next? Per an update from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the former NXT North American Champion isn’t scheduled for the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring PLE.

However, he’s reportedly on track to put his title up for grabs against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle in Scotland. Rumors have already started to float that The Scottish Warrior would be crowned the new Champion in front of his own fans on June 15.

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