Dana White calls Donald Trump ‘greatest fighter of all time’ ahead of Presidential elections

Dana White sang high praises of former President Donald Trump in latest interview.

Dana White calls Donald Trump ‘greatest fighter of all time’ ahead of Presidential elections

Dana White talks about Donald Trump (Image via Imago)

Everybody knows how fond Dana White is of former President, Donald Trump. The combat sports mogul has been on Trump’s side for all these years. Having known him personally he recently made some interesting remarks in a recent interview.

Dana White recently sat down for an interview on Fox News. During their discussion, the UFC CEO made a bold statement praising the former President of the United States. White has vouched for Mr.Trump all his life and he did it again in this interview. The UFC CEO said that the one thing he could say about Trump was that he loved America and all Americans.

Take any of the greatest fighters of all time, Trump is number one. The most resilient human being that I have ever met in my life.

Dana White on Fox Sports

Donald Trump has faced multiple allegations of prejudice and being inclined toward certain agendas throughout the years. However, White said that Donald Trump is not racist, loves America, is a good human being and that was all he was ever going to hear about him.

The UFC CEO said he would not have associated with Trump had he not been the person he just described him to be. Their relationship has seen over 20 years of friendship stretching back to the initial days of the UFC. Trump is often seen on the UFC premises during major fight events. Dana White loves to host the former President of the United States, especially during these controversial times.

Why does Dana White host controversial figure Donald Trump at major UFC events?

Major public figures are known to disassociate themselves from controversial figures for fear of negative PR. Dana White is not one of them. The UFC CEO has stood his ground when it came to defending the former US President. Many celebrities have attended major UFC events over the years.

However, the one person Dana White is seen walking out with time and time again is Donald Trump. But why does he do that? Does the 54-year-old UFC CEO have political ambitions in the future?

Dana White's political ambitions with Donald Trump
Dana White’s political ambitions with Donald Trump (Image via Imago)

I’m not. Everybody thinks I am. My relationship with Trump is a 20-year relationship. I’ve been friends with this guy for 20 years, and when he shows up to the fights… The guy is a fight fan. He’s been a fight fan.

Dana White on The Pat McAfee Show

The UFC CEO recalled how Trump would help him host events in the initial years of the UFC. Venues did not want to host the UFC due to its bloody nature. But Donald Trump had been to White’s rescue, offering him the Trump Taj Mahal and persuading the governors to allow the UFC to host their events every time.

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