Daniel Cormier reacts to ‘insecure’ Jon Jones boasting $15 million paycheck to random internet fan

Daniel Cormier feels that Jon Jones is very insecure and is flaunting that for the world to see.

Daniel Cormier reacts to ‘insecure’ Jon Jones boasting $15 million paycheck to random internet fan

Daniel Cormier believes Jon Jones was insecure (via Imago)

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones continue to feud with one another despite not having competed against each other since 2017. Cormier made headlines when talking about the alleged direct message discussion of a fan with Jon Jones that was leaked. As such, a new chapter in their rivalry happened.

Jon Jones recently interacted with a fan on Instagram. Jones told the fan about his huge paycheck for the upcoming title defense. Moreover, Jones also mocked the fan in the text messages, bragging about several things. As such, Cormier felt Jones was insecure as the fan was not rude like other toxic fans.

Of course he's going to fight him if he's making $15 million. A lot of times fans will just say rude s**t that they think will hurt you and it doesn't make sense, but that fan was not as off as some might think because when you say all that money and you're still as insecure as you are - coward, no, but he's still insecure.
Daniel Cormier via YouTube

Cormier confirmed that the text messages were indeed from Jones, as he saw a pattern of having texted the heavyweight champion before. He believed the money factor would make Jones choose Stipe Miocic instead of interim champion Tom Aspinall. Jones was called out by the interim champion Aspinall many times, but the callout went on deaf ears. Jones had even called out Alex Pereira and not Aspinall, citing Pereira’s immense popularity.

The Cormier-Jones rivalry has spanned nearly a decade. From their intense staredowns to their two epic title fights, the pair’s animosity has become ingrained in UFC lore. Jones is currently preparing for his heavyweight championship defense. Moreover, Cormier will likely commentate on Jones’ next bout. However, he does not have high hopes for Jones’ opponent, Stipe Miocic.

Daniel Cormier is not confident about Stipe Miocic making a comeback at the highest level

Daniel Cormier recently cast doubt on the possibility of Stipe Miocic returning to the fight with fantastic form. He was skeptical about Miocic’s fight against the likes of Jones. Cormier noted that the former heavyweight king Miocic’s inactivity and age may keep him away from fighting hard.

Daniel Cormier feels Stipe Miocic won't return at the highest level
Daniel Cormier feels Stipe Miocic won’t return at the highest level (via Los Angeles Times/ CNN)

Fighters generally decline after hitting the mid-thirties. Some fighters like Cormier, Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, and Glover Teixeira fought at the highest levels after hitting their mid-thirties. However, they were active, whereas Miocic was not. As such, Cormier has doubts about Miocic’s future.

I don’t even know at this point if it should be Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, and I like Stipe. Stipe’s a great guy, but at that age, with that much time off…Can Stipe still compete at that level, is the question.

Daniel Cormier via Funky and the Champ show

Miocic, a former heavyweight king, has not stepped inside the octagon since March 2021, when he suffered a brutal knockout loss against Francis Ngannou. He was initially scheduled to challenge Jones for the heavyweight title at UFC 295 before Jones withdrew due to injury. Daniel Cormier‘s concerns about Miocic’s readiness have added another intriguing wrinkle to the evolving heavyweight landscape.

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