Daniel Ricciardo admits to being awestruck by Red Bull RB20, claims the team wants to ‘completely crush the competition’ this year

The 34-year-old is one of the contenders for the Red Bull seat in 2025.

Daniel Ricciardo admits to being awestruck by Red Bull RB20, claims the team wants to ‘completely crush the competition’ this year

Daniel Ricciardo (via IMAGO)

Red Bull unveiled the RB20 a week back and took the paddock by shock at its radically new design. The car performed on its limits in pre-season testing and lashed out a warning to everyone on the grid of a repeat of last year. Now, Daniel Ricciardo has shared his views about Red Bull’s 2024 challenger.


The RB20 would be driven by Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez who would be taking the Mercedes-inspired car to its limits around the calendar. The Aussie has been a part of the Red Bull family and is starstruck by Adrian Newey’s latest creation. The 34-year-old is convinced about the RB20 and that it would crush its competition like last year.

I feel like when they're winning, it's like they want to just completely crush the competition. It's not like: ‘Okay, now we're winning. Let's go on holiday.’ It's like: ‘Let's really put our feet down.’ So that's where I think they've come out this year. After the most dominant season in '23, now they come out with a car that I think I was even like, 'Wow'.
Daniel Ricciardo said as reported by motorsport.com

Ricciardo explained that while other teams winning have a laid-back approach, Red Bull doesn’t fall into this trap and build on the machinery that they already have. According to the eight-time winner, this mindset separates them from the rest of the teams. Along with the Aussie, multiple experts have agreed that the Austrian team dares to venture into new territory and take risks which sets them apart.

Daniel Ricciardo claims that VCARB is no longer a Junior team

Recently, multiple teams have stated their uneasiness regarding the close tie-up of Red Bull and VCARB. Especially McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown has been leading this front. However, Ricciardo has claimed that VCARB is a different team from Red Bull and is no longer a junior team.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo (via IMAGO)
I feel like it’s a time where we’re no longer seen as just a Red Bull kind of junior team. It’s a team that’s standing on their own two feet. And I think for other teams to take us seriously, this is the chapter I feel we are about to start.”
Daniel Ricciardo said as reported by si.com

Ricciardo is convinced that the newly rebranded VCARB team is not a subsidiary of Red Bull anymore and has a separate identity. According to the Aussie, the team is independent and is performing its functions separately from the Austrian team.

On the other hand, the 34-year-old is now getting ready for the upcoming season and would want to establish himself as a team leader. Ricciardo wants to be in the run for a seat as the reigning champions and would be giving his all.

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