WATCH: “This is some Florida s**t!” – Dolphins’ Jaelan Phillips bizarrely walked into his toilet to find an Iguana in his commode

Despite being a Miami native, an iguana in his toilet was new for Phillips.

WATCH: “This is some Florida s**t!” – Dolphins’ Jaelan Phillips bizarrely walked into his toilet to find an Iguana in his commode

Dolphins linebacker Jaelen Phillips found iguana in his toilet (Image via IMAGO/ X)

Iguanas are sneaky creatures and Miami native Jaelan Phillips discovered that when he found one in his toilet. It’s just another baffling offseason story.

On Thursday, Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips entered his toilet to find an iguana inside his commode. He shared a video on Instagram which drew hilarious reactions from Miami locals and Dolphins fans.

It’s not a daily occurrence to find giant lizards in the restroom.

Man, this is some Florida s**t if I've ever seen it. How the hell did he get in there? That man is bathing in my toilet. And he is not a pet. I don't know where he came from, that's a grown man.
Jaelan Phillips can be heard saying in the video

He further disclosed paying $150 to an exterminator to remove the reptile. Later, he questioned whether the iguana used the toilet like Ninja Turtles to enter his house. Whatever the case may be, this certainly gave Miami fans something to relate to with the Florida-esque incident.

Is Jaelen Phillips still playing for the Miami Dolphins?

It’s safe to say that the iguana must have been equally surprised as the Miami Dolphins 2021 first-round pick. His primary job is to scare the other team quarterbacks with his 6-foot-5 frame.

WATCH: "This is some Florida s**t!" - Dolphins' Jaelan Phillips bizarrely walked into his toilet to find an Iguana in his commode
Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips (#15) walks on the sidelines during the second half against the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium. (Image via IMAGO)

Phillips was enjoying a breakout campaign after the Dolphins’ primary edge rusher Bradley Chubb was missing due to injury. However, the 24-year-old only lasted 8 games before picking up a knock ending his campaign. Head coach Mike McDaniel provided an update on both player’s rehab.

They're doing great, day by day. [We] have to keep an eye on both of those guys to make sure they're not doing too much. We're just being very mindful of who the players are that we're getting back to full health and [really] protecting the Miami Dolphins against the individuals themselves, that they'll do too much too soon.
Mike McDaniel said per South Florida Sun Sentinal

It’s impressive that Phillips continues to play professional football even after announcing his retirement in 2018 while at UCLA due to a medical condition. However, the next year he returned to Miami and joined the Hurricanes to complete his graduation.

Phillips initially picked music as his major but later switched to the Bachelor of General Studies. He wanted to follow the same path as his mother, who works as a teacher.

She works in education, and it was important to her that her son and her daughter both went to college. It was important to me, too. I’m grateful to the U and the B.G.S. program for helping me.
Mike McDaniel said per the University of Miami website

Phillips appeared in 42 games for the Dolphins since his debut. He recorded 146 tackles 22 sacks, 24 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumbles, 3 fumbles loss, and 1 interception in three seasons.

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