“I f*cked it off!” Draymond Green ADMITS messing up relationship with Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole was traded out of the Golden State Warriors due to the incident with Draymond Green.

“I f*cked it off!” Draymond Green ADMITS messing up relationship with Jordan Poole

Draymond Green admits messing up relationship with Golden State Warriors teammate Jordan Poole that led to his exit

The single most important reason why the Golden State Warriors traded away Jordan Poole was because of what transpired between him and Draymond Green. For that entire fiasco, both Green and Poole were subject to a lot of negativities. But now, after all these years, Green has come out with a major revelation.

The 4-time champion took to his podcast, The Draymond Green Show to talk about the issue. More importantly, what transpired from it:

When I took JP under my wing, and to see him have success, was the best thing for me. One of the worst feelings I've ever had as an NBA basketball player, was seeing him get a contract. And knowing that I f*cked it off. I couldn't celebrate his contract with him. And I f*cked it off, like I did. I ain't gonna sit here and act like I didn't. I take it on the chin. It is what it is, I don't hide from my f*ck ups, just I don't hide from my wins. I messed that one up. But it hurts.
Draymond Green on the Draymond Green Show

Draymond Green acknowledged that it hurts him to date that he messed up the relationship. Therefore, he could not celebrate Poole’s success at the time.

Green punching Jordan Poole became the most talked about storyline in the sporting world. It dominated any narrative about the Golden State Warriors. It was detrimental to the extent that their exit from the 2023 playoffs was blamed on this incident.

Eventually, Jordan Poole was traded to the Washington Wizards. Green later revealed that it was difficult to go to work. Now he feels that

Draymond Green’s podcast guest and teammate Kevon Looney to be cut

In this edition of The Draymond Green Show, his guest was teammate, Kevon Looney. During the show, they discussed his future with the team. However, moments after clips of the show went online, news started trickling in that the Golden State Warriors would release him.

That is a bid to save $5 million of his $8 million salary before the June 24th cutoff date. His salary will be fully guaranteed after June 24th. This move is to cut their massive tax bill. It seems the Golden State Warriors are looking to bring back Klay Thompson as well as other players.

However, this cut does not rule out Kevon Looney from returning to the Warriors. All of their superstars know his importance. Maybe they will sign him to a mid-level exception once the other free agents are signed up.

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