Draymond Green asked to ‘seek’ therapy yet again after sly diss toward rival Jusuf Nurkic

Draymond Green and Jusuf Nurkic have an ongoing beef.

Draymond Green asked to ‘seek’ therapy yet again after sly diss toward rival Jusuf Nurkic

Jusuf Nurkic and Draymond Green

The beef between Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić and Golden State Warriors veteran forward Draymond Green continues after Green made a comment on Inside The NBA that could be seen as a criticism of Nurkić’s abilities. Green stated that the Phoenix Suns “have no big man,” a comment which Nurkic took personally.

Furthermore, Jusuf Nurkic then responded to Green’s comment on social media via his account on X (formerly known as Twitter), where he fired back with a strong rebuttal of his own. 

I see that brother still needs help. STILL. ABOUT KD, he don’t like #drayover
Jusuf Nurkic wrote on X:

Draymond Green seemed to be the one to start this new beef when he made an appearance on Inside the NBA and took a quick jab at the Phoenix Suns center as reported by Brett Siegel of ClutchPoints.

The Suns have no big man... KD [Kevin Durant] is the Suns' big man. They got no big man.
Draymond Green said on Inside the NBA

The tension between Nurkic and Green had seemed to cool down, with the two players having a well-known history of confrontations especially the slap incident that led to Green’s indefinite suspension. This feud has added an extra layer of excitement as well as a twist to the rivalry between the Western Conference teams the Warriors and the Suns as fans would love to see how it plays out or if Green responds to this latest clapback. 

Draymond Green questions the Boston Celtics leadership 

The Boston Celtics are up 3-1 against Eastern Conference rivals, the Cleveland Cavaliers, but their poor home playoff record has been a concern. Despite having an impressive 37-4 at TD Garden in the regular season, they are just 3-2 in Boston this postseason.

Draymond Green on Inside the NBA attributed this to a lack of leadership. He went further to suggest that no one has stepped up to hold players accountable for their struggles at home. 

You know that's a leadership thing also. Like, who's the leader that's going to step up and say, 'Hey, man, this is garbage.' We've been struggling at home, it's costing us. Now, Steph Curry went on the road and beat them in Boston. It’s costing championships now. Who's gonna be the leader to come in and step up and take over that responsibility.
Draymond Green said on TNT’s Inside the NBA

The four-time NBA champion emphasized the need for a leader to address this issue. He suggested that either Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown could assume this role, especially in crucial situations or in the locker room. 

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