Draymond Green is reason behind Warriors tragic season-ending, claims Nick Wright

Nick Wright believes Draymond Green's behavior has denied the Warriors a chance to become all-time great.

Draymond Green is reason behind Warriors tragic season-ending, claims Nick Wright

Nick Wright believes Draymond Green is the reason behind Golden State Warriors epic collapse in the playoffs

With the Golden State Warriors ending their season early, a lot of talks have centered around what led to such a collapse. After all, the team were supposed to be in the center of another playoff run.


Analyst Nick Wright believes that Draymond Green is the reason Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and co. could not fulfil their goals. Speaking on First Things First, Nick Wright said this about the Golden State Warriors;

The real villain here is unfortunately the face of new media Draymond Green. Even though Klay had 0 points, and even though Warriors twitter wants to blame Steve Kerr. I'm gonna say Draymond Green is the No. 1 reason this Warriors team was in that position.
Nick Wright said

Wright alluded that Draymond Green has done things over the history of this dynasty which has led to disastrous outcomes. He suggested that even though the media will talk about other factors, Green’s antics have caused them to bow out and possibly end their dynasty.

Nick Wright started by suggesting that Green’s ejection in the 2016 Finals ensured the Warriors could not repeat as champions. Wright believes Green was responsible for Kevin Durant choosing to take his game elsewhere. Green was again the sole reason the Warriors lost out on Klay Thompson‘s potential heir in Jordan Poole.


This year, he has not been available for many games due to suspensions. To make matters worse, his ejection a few games back broke Stephen Curry in ways the NBA world has not seen before. Wright believes all of these have contributed to denying the Warriors dynasty to establish themselves as the best team of all time.

Draymond Green has to fix his issues if the Warriors are to contend

With the Golden State Warriors already thinking about next season, one constant in the team has to pull up his socks if they are to contend. Draymond Green’s absence for almost 20 games this season has deprived the team of fighting for playoff spots. Instead, they were fighting for play in spots towards the end of the season.

Had the former Defensive Player of the Year stayed on court, chances are that the Warriors could win at least 7-10 of the games. That alone could have pushed them into the top 4 in the West. A much better scenario considering how good the Warriors are at flipping the switch in the playoffs.

Next season, Draymond Green has to ensure that he can stay on the court for his teammates. After all, the Warriors would prefer to contend for titles before it is too late for their aging superstars.


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