Dream Cheating in Minecraft Speedrun Conclusion: Dream releases new statement

Dream Speedrun in 2020 was a very controversial topic and finally in a tweet with a statement, Dream cheating in Minecraft has finally been accepted by Dream himself.

Dream Cheating in Minecraft
Dream Cheating in Minecraft Conclusion

Dream is a very well-known Minecraft content creator on YouTube and also a speedrunner. In this article we take a look at the Dream cheating in Minecraft Speedrun controversy and the recent statement released by Dream roving the allegations true.

Minecraft speedrunning is one of the most popular sports for the Minecraft community to participate in. This event generally includes the speedrunner who tries to complete the Minecraft game in the shortest time possible. This includes going to the End Portal and Defeating the Ender dragon. Dream’s speedrun in the previous year, was under tough scrutiny as the moderators were suspicious of malpractice in his 19 minute run.

In this we look at the conclusion of Dream Cheating in Minecraft.

Dream Cheating in Minecraft

Dream Cheating in Minecraft
Dream Cheating in Minecraft

In recent statements, Dream has revealed that he did indeed cheat in his speedrun, but he did this unknowingly. Last year, Dream hosted a Minecraft speedrun where he completed the game in 19 minutes. After repeated looks at the run, the moderators decided that the drop rate of ender pearls and Blaze Rods, which are needed for the endgame, were very high and not normal.

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Dream had earlier denied any allegations for cheating, but the Minecraft speedrun moderators had stripped him of his 5th Fastest in the world title. The luck factor for Dream was suspiciously high and the moderators were very sure that some malpractice was used to increase the odds.

Dream’s Recent Statement: The Conclusion

YouTube: Pegasus

Recently, Dream has released a statement on Twitter that he indeed had a mod running in the background that had increased the odds of the loot dropping. However, Dream stated that this was used during his other modded playthroughs and was unnoticed in the speedrun.

Some miscommunications between Dream and the developers of the mod, led to it being included in the speedrun. Therefore, at the end of the day, the speedrun wasn’t legitimate and Dream has finally admitted to it.

The tweet has been removed since and the PasteBin confession deleted.

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