“Then shut up,” Drew McIntyre hits back at 35-year-old Superstar while claiming to have proverbially ‘killed’ him on live television

The Scottish Psychopath has now lashed out at Ricochet.

“Then shut up,” Drew McIntyre hits back at 35-year-old Superstar while claiming to have proverbially ‘killed’ him on live television

Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw [via- WWE]

How can it be the day of Monday Night Raw without Drew McIntyre casually demeaning his fellow wrestlers on X? For a change, it’s not CM Punk this time around. However, what did Ricochet ever do to catch a stray from The Scottish Warrior? But the latter felt the need to put an exclamation mark on a fan-made post.

An account named StylesClashed uploaded a thread on the instances where Ricochet died on live TV, not literally but proverbially. Quoting a reply of his own, McIntyre uploaded a 14-second clip wherein he could be seen asking the Human Highlight Reel to shut up after the latter claimed that he wasn’t there to just talk. By that, Drew apparently claimed to have verbally killed the 35-year-old on air.

McIntyre is currently not cleared to compete after suffering a hyperextended elbow injury at WrestleMania XL. As a result, he was also pulled from the ongoing King of the Ring tournament, which began on Raw post Backlash. The Chosen One ended up getting replaced by Jey Uso, who got a receipt from the former a few days ago. Drew mocked Uso for the limited moveset that he possesses.

Then shut up.
Drew McIntyre to Ricochet on an episode of WWE Raw

Speaking of the Scot’s long-standing beef with CM Punk, they’re destined to butt heads soon. However, neither of them is physically competent to go through a traditional match right now. The Best in the World is still recovering from the torn triceps he picked up at this year’s Royal Rumble. Even though Punk’s not expected to be out for long, there’s still some amends to be made. On the other hand, Drew can relatively heal up soon.

Damian Priest disclosed why Drew McIntyre lost his title at WrestleMania XL?

Last week on Raw, Damian Priest came face-to-face with Drew McIntyre. And in what the fans described as one of the best promos the former has had on the main roster, Priest lowkey spat facts on McIntyre’s face.

Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre
Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre [via- WWE]

The reigning World Heavyweight Champion gave the Ayr-born wrestler a reality check on his outing at WrestleMania 40. Damian told Drew that the latter could’ve easily kept his world title had it not been for his obsession with CM Punk.

All McIntyre had to do was grab his wife’s hand and bail out of the stadium, added Priest. However, the Judgment Day member further affirmed that the self-proclaimed DM Hunk gave Punk more importance than his wife.

And then he proceeded to get his arse whooped by a one-armed man. In an interesting update from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both Priest and McIntyre are pegged for a title showdown at this year’s Clash at the Castle PLE on June 15.

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