“Worst moment of my life,” Drew McIntyre wasn’t happy singing with Tyson Fury after loss at Clash at the Castle 2022

Drew McIntyre will get an opportunity to redeem himself against Damian Priest at this year's Clash at the Castle.

“Worst moment of my life,” Drew McIntyre wasn’t happy singing with Tyson Fury after loss at Clash at the Castle 2022

Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury (via Fightful Wrestling on X)

At Clash at the Castle 2022, Drew McIntyre challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal title. In front of the Cardiff crowd, the Scot was in arguably the biggest fight of his career. However, he failed to win the championship owing to Bloodline interference. What followed the devastating loss was surprising, to say the least. McIntyre, accompanied by Tyson Fury, sang to send the fans home happy. Recently, the Scottish Warrior reflected on the moment.

While speaking with Cultaholic, the former WWE Champion critiqued the post-match segment. McIntyre felt that after getting screwed against Reigns, singing with Fury added to the pile of misery on the day. In fact, he referred to it as the “worst day” of his life. Despite this, the Raw Superstar claimed that he is focused on rejuvenating himself this time in his home country of Scotland.

The 39-year-old will square off against Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship. After failing to capitalize on the moment last time, Drew McIntyre will receive a golden opportunity on June 15. Therefore, he was happy to have kept on pushing himself to get to this stage in his career. As for the aftermath of the 2022 PLE, it was later revealed that WWE didn’t intend to air it for the audience watching at home.

I wasn’t happy getting screwed and the worst moment of my life singing that stupid song afterwards.
Drew McIntyre

Having said that, it left fans who weren’t present at the Principality Stadium confused. Hence, McIntyre will be hoping that if he does sing at this year’s event, it’ll be after he captures the World Heavyweight title.

Drew McIntyre needs to be wary of CM Punk ahead of Clash at the Castle

While Drew McIntyre’s focus should be on Damian Priest and the World Heavyweight Championship, there’s no denying that he’s got a CM Punk problem. Since the latter’s return to WWE, The Scottish Warrior hasn’t hesitated to take shots at him. The animosity grew and became personal after McIntyre attacked an injured Punk after the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre
CM Punk and Drew McIntyre (via- WWE)

At WrestleMania, The Second City Saint returned the favor when he cost his rival the title just minutes after he won it. The next night on Raw, he would come back to haunt McIntyre again. In the weeks that have followed since, Punk has continued to verbally berate The Chosen One.

In his last promo, he hinted at showing up in Glasgow, Scotland, to meet McIntyre. Amid the discourse, the Scot seems unfazed. He recently claimed that anyone who tried to interfere in his match would get jumped by an audience member. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see whether Punk plans on throwing a wrench on the 39-year-old’s plans or not.

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