Disguised Toast executes surprise stream with Valkyrae, fans left in shock!

Disguised Toast executes surprise stream with Valkyrae, fans left in shock!

Disguised Toast and Valkyrae

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, known for his ever-entertaining livestreams on twitch, took the internet by surprise by announcing that he’d be streaming with Valkyrae and Miyoung.


Toast, with his other two original Amigos, basically did an unplanned stream as he himself had been surprised by Rae and Miyoung

Valkyrae makes a surprise appearance on Toast’s stream

Disguised Toast, who started streaming long back, got popular around the Among Us era where he and his friends who played the game all got popular together and became the group to follow if you wanted to be entertained.

During his success, he also made tons and tons of new friends in the live streaming Industry, some of which were the biggest names in the field including Pokimane, Valkyrae, and even the king of content, Tarik.

disguised toast
Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast

After some time, Wang and Valkyrae were always a pair to look out for as whenever the two would meet, they’d wreak havoc with their most amazing senses of humour and the amount of fun they’d have would be pure chaos.

So, it was natural for fans to freak out as much as they did when Disguised Toast announced on his Twitter feed that him and Valkyrae would be streaming together as she had shown up to his house with Miyoung.

Valkyrae was surprisingly seen in a glamorous evening dress and later on, when asked about it on the stream, she revealed that she had been returning from Gold House’s First Annual Gold Gala after she made the organization’s 2022 A100 list.

A screenshot from the stream with Toast and Valkyrae

The stream slowly turned chaotic as it usually happens whenever any part of the amigops reunite and fans were all here for it.


At one point, we were even treated to an ASMR session by Valkyrae with her long acrylic nails which she had gotten especially for the Gala.

Valkyrae and Toast  on stream
Toast and Valkyrae playing a horror game

A bit later, the trio tried to play some horror games together even after Miyoung being against it and boy was it funny. There was a ton of screaming, and a ton of jumping around!

Fans could simply not stop laughing but were left wanting for more when Rae and Valkyrae had to leave and Toast was left alone to finish his stream in peace.

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