FIFA 23: How to Complete the Newcomer’s Challenge SBC

The Newcomer's Challenge SBC is live in FIFA 23, as we are in the first week since the release of the new game. The SBC is pretty simple and different than your usual SBCs.

FIFA 23: How to Complete the Newcomer's Challenge SBC
FIFA 23 has been fully released since September 30

The Newcomer’s Challenge SBC in FIFA 23 is the first Daily Rewards SBC in the Ones to Watch promotion. Squad Building Challenges will have daily rewards that are common across all promotions in the new game. These SBCs usually have their own challenges built in based on the tasks they need to follow.

The SBC is a little smaller than the typical daily SBC you’ll see going forward, but it’s week 1 of the new game so expect it to be that much smaller. It is different from your normal SBC. It involves you having to work with or around these players for chemistry reasons. Have a look below to find out how to complete the challenge.

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How to Complete the Newcomer’s Challenge SBC in FIFA 23

FIFA 23: How to Complete the Newcomer's Challenge SBC
How the Challenge will look in game

This SBC required you to use 3 players from the same team. It’s better if the club is from the Bundesliga as it would make the chemistry better and easier, instead of reaching the required chemistry by using a multi-league hybrid. This would make it too complex to complete this SBC. 2 Silver Players are required for this SBC as well.

It’s always possible to get a sound card from a rare player pack with a rating of 75+, but it’s highly unlikely. FIFA 23 is meant to take risks, as each player is constantly striving to improve their club. The only reward is one rare player pack with a rating above 75, which is admittedly disappointing.

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Here are the requirements to complete the Newcomer’s Challenge SBC in FIFA 23:

Newcomer’s Challenge

  • Same Club Count – Minimum 3
  • Nationalities – Maximum 5
  • Silver Players – Minimum 2
  • Squad Chemistry Points – Minimum 21
  • Number of Players in the Squad – 6

Reward: 1 x 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack

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With over 550 rare gold players in the game, this is one of the most widely used and worst packs in FIFA 23. It’s impossible to even get a strike or spotlight player from this pack. It’s highly unlikely. Players of the game may even skip this SBC in FIFA 23 entirely because their club does not have the required silver cards for the SBC and therefore completing the SBC is not possible.

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