FIFA 23: Top 5 Players Who Should’ve Gotten Higher Ratings in the Game

There are many talented players in football who have been under the spotlight so much that they have received well-deserved upgrades in FIFA 23 ratings However, there are also players who have been impressive and haven't been recognized much for it.

FIFA 23: Top 5 Players Who Should've Gotten Higher Ratings in the Game
FIFA 23 Early Access releases in 2 days

All the FIFA 23 player ratings are officially out, and can be viewed on EA’s official website. Players of the game can go through the database of the top 1000 ratings on the website. This helps the players prepare for the new Ultimate Team season by allowing them to spot players who could be useful to their squad.

You can compare two players against each other, and analyze how their respective stats fare against each other. This will help you in preparing your Ultimate Team at the beginning of the season by identifying the meta and underrated players in the game. Have a look below to find out 5 players who deserved to get a higher rating in FIFA 23.

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5 Players in FIFA 23 Who deserved Higher Ratings After the Incredible Seasons They Had

FIFA 23: Top 5 Players Who Should've Gotten Higher Ratings in the Game
Valverde and Camavinga are 2 players who hugely deserved increased ratings in FIFA 23 after impressive performances last season

With nearly the entire FIFA 23 player database open to the public, there’s been a lot of discussion among fans regarding the ratings of certain players. It’s natural for fans of certain clubs to ask for better ratings for their teams, but some players in the game actually have ratings that don’t do them enough justice.

Here are the top 5 players in FIFA 23 who deserved higher ratings:

5. Ilkay Gundogan

Ilkay Gundogan delivered impressive performances in key moments of the season for Manchester City. It was his goal that won them the match in the final game of the season as Manchester City beat Aston Villa to clutch the Premier League title. He is a veteran who can handle any role. However, unlike most of his Manchester City teammates, he was not upgraded in FIFA 23 and maintained a rating of 85 OVR.

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4. Pierre-Emille Hojberg

While Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane dominated the headlines with their scoring prowess for Tottenham, Pierre-Emile Hojberg ran the show from the center of midfield. The Danish maestro has revitalized Spurs’ midfield with his aggressive approach to the game. He never stands still, he breaks up the opposition momentum, defends, and coordinates the team’s offense when in possession.

He is the complete package and has cemented his position among the Premier League’s elite. Despite being very stable last season, he has received no upgrades in FIFA 23 and has maintained his original overall rating of 83. But fans believe the Danish superstar deserves an upgrade that reflects his contributions to Tottenham.

3. Eduardo Camavinga

In FIFA 23, Camavinga overall only received one additional rating for an upgrade to 79, and that’s despite a very impressive performance at Real Madrid last season. The Frenchman has not been a regular starter for Real Madrid, but his contributions from the bench have contributed significantly to Madrid’s success, especially in the Champions League and  league success, and fans believe he deserved to be recognized for his performances in FIFA 23.

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2. Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller has been one of the most overlooked and underrated players in world football over the past decade. The German has won everything football has to offer, both at international and club level. FIFA fans may have noticed that his in-game rating has stayed roughly the same over the years. This is a testament to his consistency. Muller is rated 87 in FIFA 23, retaining his stats from FIFA 22. But the time has come for him to be recognized as one of the best and deadliest players in European football.

1. Federico Valverde

Valverde is probably the highest deserving player for a good boost to his rating in the new game. Real Madrid had an extraordinary season last year, winning both the La Liga and Champions League. Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior were the center of attention with goals scored, while Federico Valverde was the team’s driving force and made everything possible. With exceptional versatility and tenacity, he was used in a variety of positions throughout the season, delivering breakthrough performances each time. However, the Uruguayan has only received one rating upgrade of up to 84 in FIFA 23, which is not fair as he definitely deserves a higher rating.

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