“Did they forget about Phoenix,” Fnatic Derke criticizes Valorant devs for new upcoming Jett nerfs in patch 7.04

The Fnatic duelist had some words for the latest update.

“Did they forget about Phoenix,” Fnatic Derke criticizes Valorant devs for new upcoming Jett nerfs in patch 7.04

The world of competitive gaming has always been a cauldron of opinions and critiques. The Valorant community recently witnessed an outspoken stance from Fnatic’s Derke. The professional player took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the new Jett changes or more of the nerfs in Valorant Patch 7.04. In a tweet, Derke raised his concerns about the new changes. He questioned the development team’s approach to balancing agents and their impact on the game’s competitive scene.


The tweet from Derke drew a comparison between agent-balancing decisions and the challenges faced in organizing VCT schedules. Derke quipped, “I guess the people who ‘balance’ the agents are the same ones who make VCT scheduling—everything at once.” With this analogy, he highlighted the perceived lack of balance in both the competitive ecosystem and agent adjustments.

The professional player’s concerns became even more pronounced as he elaborated on his thoughts. He questioned the rationale behind completely overhauling an agent’s abilities, as seen in the forthcoming Jett nerfs. Derke was critical of Riot Games‘ decision to introduce significant changes that could potentially sideline an agent. He expressed his view that rather than drastically changing an agent’s abilities, experimenting with smaller adjustments could offer more variety in agent choices and maintain a balanced competitive environment.

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Derke’s critique of the Valorant’s latest Jett Nerfs

"Did they forget about Phoenix," Fnatic Derke criticizes Valorant devs for new upcoming Jett changes in patch 7.04
Image via Riot Games

Derke pointed out an apparent oversight in the development team’s approach, referencing the absence of changes for agents like Phoenix. The tweet encapsulated his sentiments, “Don’t see any reason why we can’t experiment with smaller changes than killing an agent as a whole and possibly not seeing it for a long time in the game instead of making more variety on what to play, like did they forget about Phoenix?”

Derke’s critique sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding agent balancing in Valorant. As the game evolves and competitive dynamics shift, maintaining agent viability becomes a crucial aspect. The tweet prompts a broader discussion about whether incremental adjustments could be more effective than sweeping changes that might sideline agents for prolonged periods.

The Valorant development team’s approach to agent changes has a direct impact on the competitive scene. It influences team compositions, strategies, and player preferences. Derke’s perspective reflects the sentiment of many players who yearn for stability in the agent roster.

Fnatic‘s Derke has sparked a conversation about the methods employed by the Valorant development team when it comes to agent balancing. Derke’s critique on the upcoming Jett nerfs brings into focus the intricacies of maintaining a competitive ecosystem. Opinions on these matters will always be diverse. However, Derke’s candid tweet serves as a reminder that the balance between innovation and maintaining a stable competitive environment is a delicate art that requires careful consideration.


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