Ironmouse wins Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards 2023

Ironmouse, after a popular year on Twitch streaming, has been recognized at the Game Awards. 

Ironmouse wins Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards 2023

Ironmouse (Image via: Dotesports)

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the number of award shows. Some honor only video game developers, while others honor streamers and content producers.

Moreover, the majority of the awards are typically won by one or two streamers who take the lead over a small number of shows. The Game Awards have recognized content creators for a few years now on the platform and have continued to do so.


Twitch celebrity Ironmouse won the Content Creator of the Year title at the 2023 Gamers Awards. She becomes the latest in a line of winners of the Content Creator of the Year award, including Dream, Valkyrae, Ludwig, and Shroud. Let’s see the nominees she beat in the race plus her journey over the years in the article below:

Content Creator of the Year goes to Ironmouse

Ironmouse is a singer, Twitch streamer, and VTuber. Also, she is a founding member of the 2020-launched VTuber group VShojo, which has been active since 2017. She is the most followed English-language VTuber on Twitch, with over a million followers.

After her recent rise among fans, it comes as no surprise that she’s getting recognized on the biggest platforms.

image via knowyourmeme

She plays games like Fortnite and Minecraft on Twitch and has almost 2 million followers on the platform. Amid a trend of growth for Twitch streamers in general and VTubers in particular, Ironmouse’s audience started to grow in 2020 and 2021.

Her rising income from various sources also made it possible for her to pay for better medical care. Consequently, she was able to perform longer streams more frequently as her condition improved.

Along with Ironmouse, SypherPK, Spreen, Quackity, and PeopleMakeGames were the other four nominees for the Best Content Creator award. Ironmouse’s second subathon event, focused on charity, took place in June 2023. 


The Immune Deficiency Foundation received 50% of all subscription fees and 100% of all Bits (Twitch’s in-site currency), donations, and merchandise sales during the event. With 205,461 subscribers, the substation surpassed her previous record of 172,000 subscribers.

Naturally, many viewers and other streamers commended Ironmouse for winning the prize, saying it was “well deserved” in light of her accomplishments over the previous year.

Additionally, Ironmouse has significantly increased public awareness of plasma importance and donations. Congratulations to her on this achievement. Stay tuned for the latest updates and more.


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