“I never saw it” Disguised Toast destroyed by Sykkuno

This article talks about a recent incident that took place between sykkuno and disguised toast where the former unkonwingly roasted the latter

disguised toast and sykkuno
disguised toast and sykkuno

Recently Disguised Toast was streaming with Sykkuno when he asked Sykkuno if he had played Naraka:Bladepoint before after which Sykkuno asked him a question, this resulted in a chain of events where he unintentionally roast Toast much to the gaming community’s pleasure. This isn’t the only time Sykkuno has been unintentionally savage which raises the question whether the streamer uses his ‘nice guy’ persona to hide his savage parts.

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What did Syukkuno Tell Toast?

Disguised Toast asked him if he had played the game to which Sykkuno responded with a no. Then he proceeded to ask Toast when he had played it to which Toast replied by saying that “I played it while I was streaming on Facebook gaming”. After hearing this Sykkuno said “Ah that’s why I never s…” he stopped before saying the words ‘saw it’

After this toast asked him “You never what?”, Sykkuno then desperately tried to cover it up by telling him that it was nothing and they should start playing the game. Toast definitely realised what he was talking about, but received the statement with humor

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Why did Disguised Toast leave FB gaming?

In 2019 Toast had signed an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook gaming and till recently in November of 2021 he was streaming on that platform. Toast’s return could be because of the failure of the streaming service to maintain the competitive edge over other streaing services such as YouTube and Twitch.

This was due to the fact that unlike its two major competitors it failed to promote a streaming culture which was already present on Twitch which made the service unprofitable for streamers.

disguised toast facebook gaming
Disguised toast when he joined facebook gaming

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