“Two-faced b*tch,” Logan Paul and Jidion get into a scuffle backstage at the Misfits Prime press conference

JiDion and Logan unveil their dispute.

“Two-faced b*tch,” Logan Paul and Jidion get into a scuffle backstage at the Misfits Prime press conference

Logan Paul and Jidion (Image via: Instagram/Logan Paul, Jidion)

The long-awaited Misfits Prime press conference has finally taken place. The built-up hype between co-main event fighters Logan Paul, KSI, Tommy Fury, and Dillon Danis has been cooking for a while now. However, an unexpected rivalry blossomed after the event. Prime beverage owner Logan Paul and Prime’s sponsor, JiDion, got into a scuffle backstage out of nowhere. 


Logan Paul has been under fire for his Prime beverage recently, but not with any of his sponsors or partners. Or so it was thought until the press conference took place. It all began back during a UFC event where both JiDion and Logan Paul were present in the audience, along with former U.S. President Donald Trump. As JiDion was live streaming, Logan and his fiancee joined him in the seats. 


However, after a while, Logan asked JiDion to move seats as he and his fiancée were not comfortable being filmed throughout the night. This had sparked controversy online, despite both stars not saying much about it. Later on, however, Jake Paul reacted to it in front of Logan on Impulsive and called JiDion out for not standing up. This had seemingly upset JiDion, as Logan did not defend him. 

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Logan Paul calls out JiDion for being a ‘two-faced b*tch’

JiDion and Logan calling each other out backstage

When JiDion was backstage, he saw Logan Paul passing by. Being the troll he is, he saw the opportunity to take shots at Logan by asking him, “Logan, can we switch seats? Logan, however, did not find it amusing and confronted JiDion by calling him a ‘two-faced b*tch’. This then erupted as JiDion asked him how and told Logan, “I wasn’t the one laughing when Jake (Paul) was making fun of me.”

Logan then brings up the incident where he asked JiDion to move seats and confronted JiDion for making it a big deal. JiDion responds and says, “That has nothing to do with it. It’s what you did with Jake; that’s all it has to do”. To this, Logan responds by saying Jake is his brother and JiDion then asks him, “But why weren’t you defending him with KSI?”

Logan then defends himself, saying KSI is his business partner. JiDion then says, “Okay, okay okay, I see where your loyalty lies“. As they traded insults, Logan’s manager, Jeff, and security guards broke them up before things escalated. 

The unexpected rivalry, although it could have been foreseen, came out of the blue. Logan has been under fire recently as his opponent on October 14th, Dillon Danis has been firing shots at him and his fiancée on Twitter to take a mental toll on him.


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