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Nate hill accuses xQc of sending Hate Raids

Recently among the series of twitch dramas on the internet, Nate hill a popular Fortnite pro player and a member of FaZe clan was recently seen accusing another streamer and former Overwatch Pro player xQc on his twitch stream. Many streamers have reacted to this new Twitch drama that has unfolded as fast as it ended. Why did Nate hill accuse xQc of sending hate raids his way and what was the reaction from xQc?

What was the incidence about?

While the Fortnite pro was talking to his followers on twitch, he accused the former Overwatch pro of sending hate raids during an ad he was in for the Game Awards this year. He stated that he had been receiving a lot of hate comments on his stream from “his (xQc’s) army of hundred thousand losers” and stated that while he smiled all stream he wanted to “punch him in the nose”.

The clip in question

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How did xQc react to it?

The clip came to his attention eventually, as he started playing it he became slightly confused. However, after the clip ended he began to sardonically joke about being drunk the day the ad in question was playing on the stream. However, the mood changed drastically because after the joke he began to rage at the clip in excessive shock.

Nate hill accuses xQc of sending Hate Raids 3

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What was the end of this drama?

After a while, the Fortnite streamer apologized in a later stream, admitting that he had been wrong to accuse xQc of this. He reasoned that he jumped to this conclusion because all the encounters he had had with him so far, had all been negative often resulting in hate raids and hate messages directed towards him. It is now up to pure speculation and guesswork whether the two popular streamers planned this drama out or did it occur organically. Right now all we can say with certainty is that it is over.

Nate hill accuses xQc of sending Hate Raids 4

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