PUBG New State Mobile 0.9.37 Patch Notes: New weapon, Assassin Creed crossover and beta program explored

Krafton has kickstarted the preparations for the 0.9.37 update of PUBG New State Mobile as it recently revealed its release date and patch notes.

New State mobile 0.9.37 features

PUBG New State Mobile, although receiving not the ‘expected’ response it was supposed to get, the developers seem to be working day and night to make the battle-royale game better than before by releasing regular updates.

The latest 0.9.37 update brings an all new collaboration with Assassin’s Creed, one of the best action adventure video game series brought by Ubisoft. This crossover is not the only major highlight of the patch as Krafton teased some further details on their upcoming beta program.

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PUBG New State Mobile 0.9.37 Patch Notes

PUBG New State Mobile

While the Assassins’ Creed collaboration was revealed a week ago, gamers were yet to get the release date of this intriguing crossover. Today, after releasing the patch notes of PUBG New State Mobile 0.9.37 update, the developers stated that the new content will be available from August 18th post the maintenance. Here’s a detailed analysis of the new freshly brewed content-

New weapon- Lynx AMR

To compete with the king of snipers ‘AWM’, Krafton has brought Lynx AMR to PUBG New State Mobile 0.9.37 update, a weapon which was recently added to BGMI and PUBG Mobile. The highly powerful weapon can help players to defeat enemies even if they are inside the vehicles. Lynx AMR can be found in any map but only in the Care Packages.

Weapon customization

Weapon enhancements

With every new patch, the developers try to enhance the existing weapons in the game. With the August update as well, these weapons can be customized-

  • S1897- Slug ammunition at C2 will yield more damage against the enemies
  • S12K- C2 adds an extended mag that can load up to 20 bullets at a time at the cost of high reload speed

Survivor Pass Volume 10

The upcoming Survivor Pass in the game will add the character ‘Shy-D’ as the premium pass reward. Players can obtain all the outfits and appearance of this character from Dream Faction by completing the missions given in the Survivor Pass. This missions are quite easy and can be completed in the game only.

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Assassin’s Creed collaboration

New State x Assassin’s Creed

The highly awaited crossover content with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed will be knocking on the player’s device on 18th August after the update goes live. From the game’s exclusive outfits to exclusive weapon skins, players can certainly have a gala time with the August collaboration.

New State Labs

PUBG New State Mobile will soon launch its beta program ‘New State Labs’ to allow selected players provide feedback on their upcoming map AKINTA as well as a new game mode called Bounty Royale. Beta users will be able to get their hands on this newly prepared map before it actually gets uploaded to the live servers.

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