“If S1mple goes to Valorant, he cannot compete,” Shroud claims Counter-Strike 2 is much easier than Valorant; sparks debate 

Shroud claims Valorant is the number 1 FPS game currently

“If S1mple goes to Valorant, he cannot compete,” Shroud claims Counter-Strike 2 is much easier than Valorant; sparks debate 

The competitive FPS industry is in a  buzz as Ex-Counter-Strike professional athlete Michael “ Shroud “Grzesiek, now a streamer, gives a bold statement about the competitive levels of the two games. Recently on livestream, Shroud claimed that Valorant is way tougher than CS as it has many other external factors, that players have to deal with. But this wasn’t the fact, that made his fans go wild.


The subject of utility in Valorant was one that came up again in the contentious debates that followed Shroud’s remarks. Contrary to CS 2, Valorant offers a large range of utility tools like smokes, flashes, and agent skills that can ruin opponents’ plans and make them quickly adapt. Many claimed that while this utility gives the game more depth, it also puts more emphasis on a player’s capacity to manage the extra distractions while keeping accuracy aim.

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Shroud triggers Counter-Strike fans by claiming Valorant is harder, and better

Shroud, being a Tier 1 pro player in both of the games, shared his wild take on the gameplay differences of the game. He knows the amount of chaos that goes on in Valorant with numerous game mechanics which sometimes can be hard to play around with. CS just being a classic shooter lacks this essence and simplifies the gameplay. However, despite being somewhat logical, Shroud has divided the community on whether to support his statement or criticize him for it.

"If S1mple goes to Valorant, he cannot compete," Shroud claims Counter-Strike 2 is much easier than Valorant; sparks debate 
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The FPS gaming community comparing these 2 giant games is not a new thing. It has been an age-long battle between the Counter-Strike community and the Valorant community about which game is superior. This statement is like comparing apples and oranges, two different games and two different skills. It is better to keep the two divisions separate rather than mix it up. The switch of CS to Vaorant has always been a hot topic among fans and to date, the debate isn’t over and it seems, nor it will end. 

Since CS: GO offers a less cluttered gameplay environment, it is easy for players to focus on raw aim and hence majorly depend on their gun game, while in Valorant, the tactical strategies play a vital role. With a surplus of agent abilities, the game becomes more complex, so instead of depending on pure aim, players have to coordinate and synchronise strategies and execute a plan before making the initial move. 

Fans react to Shoud’s take

One thing to note is that Shroud said Valorant is the number 1 FPS game now. The CS2 is still in its limited beta test and still going through changes till it gets released globally as the final product. A few people have pointed out some issues currently in the beta and Valve will surely rectify them in the final build and will be going toe-to-toe against Riot Games’ Valorant.

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