“I love the feeling of winning or achieving something”: GE SkRossi opens up on his emotional connection with Valorant|FirstSportz Exclusive

“I love the feeling of winning or achieving something”: GE SkRossi opens up on his emotional connection with Valorant|FirstSportz Exclusive

Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar

Often dubbed as the “Virat Kohli of Valorant”, Global Esports’ Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar is one of the most renowned players of Valorant who has played a significant role in expanding the eSports culture in India. From CS:GO to Valorant, he has been a consistent gamer and has also become a proud representative of India when Indian Valorant teams clash off with international players in highly reputable tournaments.

SKRossi has been a part of Global Esports for almost two years and has delivered some top-notch performances in most of the tournaments, be it national or international. He is currently playing the Skyesports Souvenir 2022, India’s first-ever LAN tournament for Valorant where FirstSportz reached out to him in order to let his fans know about how the prominent eSports athlete feels about the trending game right now i.e. Valorant and India recognizing the game and eSports more actively right now.


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Here is an excerpt from the interview with Global Esports’ SkRossi

"I love the feeling of winning or achieving something": GE SkRossi opens up on his emotional connection with Valorant|FirstSportz Exclusive
SkRossi – Exclusive Interview

Q. What are your thoughts on the rematch with Enigma Gaming?

Ans. It would have been a redemption match for us if we had won, but unfortunately, we failed to close out the round. Although we are good I think we should make fewer mistakes to win against teams.


Q. In today’s match, you had one of the best performances on Chamber (agent) on Bind even  KappA (team member)  popping off on Sova. What are your thoughts on that?

Ans. I don’t think that was my best performance but I was simply focused and performing my role in the game. I still believe that I and my other teammates can potentially perform far better but our performance today was great. Every one of our members played like a beautiful team!

Q. With the new meta coming, Jett Rework, Sova changes, and multiple others, how has it affected your team?


Ans. Since now we have a coach and also an analyst, it won’t be that much of a problem because they will be giving us constant feedback, gameplans, and agent compositions. We just need to master the agents and get used to their playstyle and mechanics. However, with the meta changing along with the changes, we will need to cut back on some of the previous meta gameplays.

Q. With Fade (new agent) coming in, how is it crucial to the future of Valorant as a game?

Ans. I think Fade might replace Sova given the fact that Sova has been nerfed. Personally, I think Fade is going to do really well replacing Sova because he is very annoying. Sova can spot agents, flash, and pull, making it really annoying to play against him and getting used to countering him.


Q. How has the Jett Rework affected you? Has it been quite problematic or very minimal?

Ans. I think this Jett nerf is an open window of opportunity for me to explore new grounds and change up the playstyle. Everyone knows how Jett works, and my playstyle with her as I have been playing her for 1 and a half years. This has certainly made my playstyle predictable, but now I can try out other agents and master them. This will give the opponents a tough time as I will be unpredictable with my new agent roster.

Q. You have been playing a lot of Chamber (agent) on Bind as well as on Haven (map) which is changing your gameplay quite a bit. Why is that?


Ans. I (SkRossi) had a problem with playing Jett where my opponents will go B-side whenever I go A-side which makes it hard to rotate with the agent. However, with Chamber, I can pull off fast rotations by moving between the A and B sides effortlessly. I really love the playstyle of Chamber and his ability to constantly be in the middle of the battle.

Q. GE has faced a lot of criticism in the recent tournaments, where people have been criticizing KappA as well when he has proved himself on LAN. What are your thoughts on that?

Ans. We cannot blame the audience as they are a new generation of players and it is our job to make them understand how it works. This is true for a competitive team and it falls on us to make them understand how a team and the ecosystem work. We are working towards that and we do take the criticism and improve the best we can. We want them to hear our side f the story and believe in us, as we will do our best!


Q. We have seen a lot of grind from your side as the game requires smart plays and hard work. You started off rather unknown for GE when they signed you. You were a part of Blaze, which was the number 1 CS (Counter-Strike) team in India at the moment. Marzil has played a crucial role in molding you as well. 

Ans. Marzil has played a key role in my growth as he fixed many points in my playstyle and inspired me to be confident and aggressive in my playstyle. He has helped me with my aggressive plays a lot. I (SkRossi) have also learned how to work hard from Marzil, as he was always hard working so I think he has passed it on to me. Moreover, I love playing games so grinding is fun as well.

Q. Eraser is the new coach for GE after leaving Damwan KIA. How has he affected you guys as a team, your practice session, and how does he help differently than other coaches?


Ans. First of all, Eraser is very friendly and funny but he also has a great professional player once. He understands what a professional player needs from a coach. Regarding our practice sessions, it has been going well against SEA teams. However, to figure out the Indian player’s playstyles he has been watching a lot of games and preparing to coach us to face off against the Indian teams.

Other than that, he has been very impactful on us being disciplined, respectful to each other, and also be motivated. He is a very good coach and a nice person.

Q. You have been quite emotional after the victory today and we have seen have also seen that in the Stage 1 Play-offs when you qualified for the LCQ. Is this emotion what keeps you pushing forward?


Ans. Yes, this happens to me when something really good happens and I (SkRossi) love the feeling of winning or achieving something. This is like going to sleep with any regrets left behind. So yes, I would like to feel that again and again. This has definitely motivated me to perform better!

Q. Before we conclude, you have seen the Riot 2023 ecosystem. Is that going to benefit you a lot?

Ans. Yes, as the League system will be there and a lot of Brands and Competition will be involved in it. There will be many of the underdogs getting opportunities to get on the big stage and there will also be many game changes.   


Riot will follow in the footsteps of the League of Legends Esports and they are gonna do the same for Valorant. It might take time, but Riot is going to make it huge!

Q. Anything to say to your fans?

Ans. As I always say, a big Thank You for all your love and support. It is definitely one of the reasons that keep me going. I am very grateful for performing well and for the people supporting me for that. All I have to say is Stay Safe, stay healthy, stay happy, love yourself, and thank you all for the love and support.


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