“What the….” Sykkuno gets distressed after seeing Amouranth for the first time

This article talks about what Sykkuno's reactions were when he say Amouranth's stream for the very first time.

sykkuno amouranth
sykkuno and amouranth

Sykkuno was viewing the yearly Twitch rewind on his stream recently. The Twitch rewind contained various moments from streams by Ludwig, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae and last but not least Amouranth. Sykkuno is known for having an extremely innocent image so people who frequent twitch would only wonder what would happen if he accidentally viewed one of Amouranth’s Hot tub streams, luckily for the twitch community this moment ended up happening.

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Why was Sykkuno watching the twitch rewind?

He was checking out the twitch rewind with his community because they were telling him that he made it in the video. he did not believe his chat and kept insisting that he did not make it fast-forwarding the around 20-minute video to check if he was present. He found out his clip and was subtly happy about it but what he found afterwards was something that no one could prepare his innocent eyes for.

Sykkuno Amouranth banana
Sykkuno gets scarred by Amouranth

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Which video of Amouranth’s did he see?

As he was going through the video it contained a short clip of Amouranth’s banana hot tub stream. “What the…” he said when he saw it after which he proceeded to shut the video. “Guys I think we are done with the rewind. I think we are good, maybe we can go check out the casino” he said towards the end.

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