“Look at this s***, how is this not out of control” xQc SLAMS Hasanabi for defending Union Square Park riot caused by Kai Cenat

Is Hasanabi valid for his comments on Union Square Park Riots?

“Look at this s***, how is this not out of control” xQc SLAMS Hasanabi for defending Union Square Park riot caused by Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat had recently hosted a giveaway in the heart of NYC, which turned out to cause a riot. The wild incident reached mainstream media as mayhem was caused and Union Square Park was shut down by Kai’s fans. Following the riots caused, NYPD, New York Police Department had taken Kai Cenat under custody for several hours before he was released.


reacted Due to a desk appearance ticket issued for Kai, he was released earlier than expected. Things seem under control, however, there’s a new war started on social media. Hasanabi on stream reacted to the whole incident and xQc reacts to his reaction, as he slams him for being ignorant and making the issue political.

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xQc criticizes Hasanabi for defending the Union Square Park riot

"Look at this s***, how is this not out of control" xQc SLAMS Hasanabi for defending Union Square Park riot caused by Kai Cenat
Image via xQc/Twitch

xQc, during the stream, was reacting to Hasan Abi, who was reacting to the Union Square Park riots caused by none other than Kai Cenat. As he started, Hasan Abi can be seen smiling widely, as the video he was reacting to showcased an older vendor man who got injured and got stolen from during the riot. Before Hasan Abi started his bit, xQc paused the video as fans were seen carrying huge boards and jumping around. He says, “Bro, that’s cooked! What is happening in that video? BRO BRO, what the f*ck is this?”


As he resumes the video Hasanabi can be heard saying “I f*cking despise local media dude. There you go, there is no better representation of how dog-water local media is and how much they exacerbate like .. narratives that you see on Fox News, what role they play. Boomer reactionary pipeline”

xQc just then in shock interrupts and says “BRO, don’t throw shit at f*cking police, and don’t hit *elderly people?”. He follows through by shouting, “Uhh YOO??” before concluding “Man these takes are so bad I cant man”.

He then resumes the video to Hasanabi, comparing local media coverage of “$3 worth of Doritos like it a bank run”. Hasan claimed that they wanted to make it seem like it was a riot that was ‘completely out of control’. The irony was that xQc started rolling his eyes as he was flabbergasted by what he was hearing.

He says, “Wait, some buildings were raided, cars were destroyed, and people were throwing f*cking fireworks?? Look at the image being shown on the screen. There’s a dog everywhere on the ground. LOOK AT THIS S***, like, how is it NOT out of control?” As he continued the video to Hasan ranting further, he exhaustedly exited the video as it ended, as his face was still in horror.


Fans have taken to social media to criticize HasanAbi’s comments. Many speculate it was a bad move for him to have made the situation political. xQc’s reaction video is evidence of that. Nonetheless, Kai Cenat, the man behind all of this, has now been released from jail. He has not addressed this issue as of now. Fans can expect Kai to address this issue in the coming days.

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