“Doesn’t let me be a degen” Yvonnie shares Disguised Toast’s absurd opinion of her

This article talks about a recent stream on which Yvonnie shared Toast's true opinion of her. The opinion was surprising to say the least.

Disguised Toast and Yvonnie
Disguised Toast and Yvonnie

Yvonnie and Disguised Toast are two very popular members of OfflineTV. Toast has his popularity due to his mastery of hearthstone and weird personality. While she is known for her League of Legends skills and her unconditional love for Starbucks. Both these streamers complement each other’s personalities very well while they are on stream, but do they complement each other off stream as well? What are their opinions of each other? At least we know Toast’s opinion of her now.

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What was She doing on the stream?

Yvonnie started an early morning stream. She was in the discord chat when Brofain joined her and he was surprised that she was streaming so early. “I am on human schedule now” she said “The beams of sunlight”, she was referring to how the windows in her new apartment wake her up early and hilariously added that it doesn’t let her be a ‘degen’.

“I woke up at six today” Yvonnie added and Brofain was shocked at this revelation. Even she was shocked at the person she had become “The new apartment makes me want to feel productive” she said “Who am I anymore? This is not how I lived the past two years”

Yvonnie shared Toast's opinion of her
Yvonnie shared Toast’s opinion of her

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What was Disguised Toast’s opinion of her?

“I was playing housewife training simulator” Yvonnie was telling the story to Brofain who wasn’t really paying attention “Toast told me that I’d make a good mom”. She was confused about the nature of the statement Toast made but she said that she appreciated the gesture.

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