“I had the most views” Disguised Toast tells a memorable story about wanting to sue a streamer

This article talks about what Disguised Toast told his community about being sued by another streamer.

Disguised Toast sued
Disguised Toast got sued by a fellow hearthstone player

Disguised Toast is definitely mean to many streamers. He is the king of trolls that annoys man people, but none of these people get so annoyed at him that they end up suing. In a recent stream, Toast had gone to a restaurant with fellow streamers LilyPichu and Miyoung. He was busy annoying LilyPichu as he usually does then began to tell the story about how he got sued by a fellow who played hearthstone just like he did back in the day.

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Why was Disguised Toast sued by the streamer?

“So I had the number one most-viewed stream hearthstone stream” Toast started the story, “I took a screenshot of that because I was very proud”. He was satisfied that all his hard work in streaming hearthstone had finally given him the most viewers for the game.

“This other streamer didn’t like the fact that I did that” he continued finally introducing the person who sued him into the story. The unnamed streamer then proceeded to say that the only reason Toast had the most viewers was because he paid Twitch to put him on top. “Which was not true” he added immediately afterwards to disperse any controversy.

Disguised Toast top streamer
Disguised Toast was the top hearthstone streamer once

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Did he end up suing the streamer?

“I thought to myself, that’s slander can I sue him?” Toast told Miyoung and Lily as they had their food. He was stating that he was tempted to file a defamation case against the unnamed streamer. “What did your Lawyer say?” LilyPichu asked him to which Toast replied by saying that his lawyer said that he didn’t really have a case in that case.

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