“Its all part of the plan” Miyoung fails trying to protect Fuslie

This article talks about how Miyoung completely trolled fuslie while playing a game of Valorant with Valkyrae.

Fuslie and Miyoung
Fuslie and Miyoung

Miyoung and everyone else in the OTV universe play Valorant ranked like they would be playing Valorant casual. This makes for some entertaining moments as it is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise extremely sweaty ranked games that occur in the match which are accompanied by a healthy dose of daily toxicity. In this particular instance, Miyoung decided to have some fun with Fuslie as she misused Sage’s ability while using it for the right reasons.

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What did Miyonung do?

Miyoung sealed Fuslie behind a sage wall
Miyoung sealed Fuslie behind a sage wall

“We’re so screwed bruh” Valkyrae is heard saying as they were in a 4-5 situation. They were desperately looking for any openings in the defenders’ hold but were struggling to find any. “Yeah definitely save that res” Fuslie is heard telling her as her ultimate was ready, this is when she sealed Fuslie behind a sage wall.

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How did Fusie react to it?

“Private Miyoung!” Fuslie said as she was clearly annoyed. “You’re safe now its all part of the plan!” she told Fuslie justifying her motives which were clearing just trolling people. Then as most people would’ve figured their team got pinching from all sides and Miyoung’s plan definite didn’t turn out as she expected as Fuslie eventually fell to the defenders and they lost the round.

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