Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapons, release date, price & more

This skin bundle with have more upgrade levels than the other skin bundles already present in the game.

Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapons, release date, price & more

Valorant has loads of amazing and innovative cosmetics. The sheer size of Valorant’s cosmetics market is one of the best selling points of the game. Moreover, Valorant has an arsenal of weapons that utilize these skins, making the market popular amongst the player base. The developers constantly work and add new content with every update, which always hype up the player base. Furthermore, a new skin bundle called Neo Frontier is soon dropping in Valorant.


 Riot Games’ first FPS game, Valorant, has hit it big with the player base. Additionally, Valorant’s distinctive mechanics and immersive experience have significantly increased its popularity. The game has a substantial player base now that it has been available for three years. In addition, the Devs frequently release a ton of fresh material.

Furthermore, the new Episode is just right around the corner, with loads of new things making their way to the game. A brand new skin collection, a new game mode, a new agent, and a lot of new stuff. Devs have revealed the first new skin bundle of the upcoming episode. Neo Frontier, the upcoming weapon collection, features some over-the-top amazing weapon skins that players are hyped for.

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Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapons

Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapons, release date, price & more

The Neo Frontier is the upcoming Wild West with a stash of Sci-Fi elements integrated into a skin bundle. This upcoming bundle will have a Wild West-styled weapons skin in it and will be available to upgrade with a Sci-Fi add-on. Riot Games has gone all-out with this update. Players are excited about this weapon collection, especially the Sheriff since it has a weapon animation similar to the limited-time weapon skin, Arcane Sheriff.

This new upcoming skin bundle will have four weapon skins and one melee skin. The weapons that this bundle will include are:

  • Phantom
  • Marshall
  • Sheriff
  • Odin

Furthermore, the melee skin would be an Axe skin. It’s been a long time since we have seen a melee Axe skin enter the game, except for the few battle pass melee skins. The bundle includes a gun buddy that reacts and displays the picture of the server’s top fragger. Additionally, there will be two player cards, one displaying the traditional Western design and the other the futuristic design. Along with all of this, an animated spray will be there.

Neo Frontier skin bundle: Release Date

Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapons, release date, price & more

This new skin Bundle is about to make its way in Valorant with the start of the upcoming Episode 7, Act 1. The upcoming episode brings with it loads of new content. Players are excited to see a whole new game mode, with a new agent and other new stuff coming to the game. Episode 7, Act 1, will go live on June 27 at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. So, players should drop in to try the Neo Frontier collection in the new team deathmatch mode.


Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Price

Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapons, release date, price & more

The release of a new Episode brings out the first skin collection belonging to the Exclusive tier. It has always been this way; therefore, we assume the developers will continue the pattern they have established this time around as well. Furthermore, the exclusive tier skin bundles have always been the most expensive in Valorant. As per the previous skin bundles, the Neo Frontier collection’s cost is speculated to be around 8700–9900 VP.

If you buy the weapon skin separately, it will cost between 2175 and 2475 VP. Exclusive-tier bundles in Valorant charge a price of 4350-5350 VP for the melee skin when purchased separately. If you purchase the entire bundle, you receive the knife skin and other cosmetics, including spray, player cards, and gun buddy, for free.

Neo Frontier skin bundle: Weapon animation & finishers

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The Neo Frontiers skin bundle would have a Wild West theme integrated with a Sci-Fi theme as you upgrade the weapon skin. You can choose between old or new styles depending on the upgrade level you select for your weapon skin. The basic upgrade level of this gun would feature a realistic look for the weapons. The circular alt-fire reticle combines with realistic sounds to give these a matte brown metallic look. These gun designs will not give you any kill banners or a finisher when you apply them.

However, the real deal is in the upgrade level for these weapons, which adds a futuristic touch to these weapons. When fully upgraded, the guns will have multiple color and material modifications to them. Furthermore, the final upgrade will feature a unique sound effect for the guns that includes guitars, harmonicas, shakers, and other elements. Devs have custom-designed the finisher to display the face of the last standing Agent you eliminate. 


The Neo Frontier skin bundle will be available soon, along with loads of new stuff. The whole game is getting a revamp with the new mode HURM and the upcoming agent, Deadlock. This new Episode is going to be one of the most spectacular ones since the release of the game.

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