Adrian Newey claims FIA was ‘heavily influenced’ to attract manufacturers with 2026 F1 regulations

Adrian Newey was unsure if FIA's motive to attract more manufacturers was worth compromising the 2026 F1 regulations.

Adrian Newey claims FIA was ‘heavily influenced’ to attract manufacturers with 2026 F1 regulations

Adrian Newey, via IMAGO

The FIA has officially released the new regulations for the 2026 F1 season. The rules aim to enhance racing with more agile and lighter cars. The power units will witness an increased output from the electric components to ensure road-relevancy. However, aero genius Adrian Newey is not particularly thrilled for these regulations.

Newey claimed that the sports governing body seemed to be heavily influenced by some manufacturers in the formation of these rules. The 65-year-old reckoned that perhaps attracting more manufacturers was a big motive for the radical 2026 regulations.

The FIA appears to be heavily influenced by one or two manufacturers, in the hope they will appease those manufacturers but also perhaps attract others in.
Adrian Newey told Motorsport-Magazine

Adrian Newey highlighted that this might’ve been a partial success considering Audi is joining the grid in 2026. Although, the aero genius was unsure if this was truly worth the comprise in setting up these rules. Moreover, Newey insisted that the carmakers often come and go in Formula 1 with Ferrari being the sole exception.

I suppose since Audi are coming in for 2026 there has been a partial success in this regard, but I’m not sure it’s worth the overall compromise of what could be achieved. The reality is manufacturers come and go, with the exception of Ferrari.
Adrian Newey asserted

Adrian Newey affirms teams and viewers are the ‘core’ of F1

Formula 1 has grown substantially in recent months. The sport will not only see Audi enter the grid in 2026 but American carmaker Ford has partnered with Red Bull. Additionally, Honda decided to make a U-turn on its exit decision and will supply Aston Martin with power units.

F1 2026 chassis render (via Formula 1)
F1 2026 chassis render (via Formula 1)

Nevertheless, Adrian Newey emphasized that its the teams that actually form the core of the sport. Outfits such as McLaren and Williams have been in F1 for decades with or without manufacturer support. Moreover, Newey highlighted that the actual main core was the viewing public. As such, F1 must focus on providing a good show for its audience.

It’s the teams that are core to the business and then of course the big actual core is the viewing public. So it’s essential we provide a good show and as part of that variety is proven to be well rewarded.
Adrian Newey stated

Certainly, the 2026 F1 regulations will make a drastic change to the sport. F1 and the FIA hope that the sport can finally solve its issues with a lack of overtaking and overweight cars. However, only time will tell if these new rules do turn things around for the pinnacle of motorsport.

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