Renault claims it would be ‘stupid’ to sell Alpine F1 Team despite ‘offers left and right’

Renault CEO Luca de Meo believes that selling Alpine would not be a wise decision for the French carmaker.

Renault claims it would be ‘stupid’ to sell Alpine F1 Team despite ‘offers left and right’

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly (images via IMAGO)

The Alpine F1 team has been struggling a lot to score some good results on the grid. Pierre Gasly scored the first point for the team in 2024 at the Monaco GP. However, even then, Esteban Ocon collided with the 28-year-old and had to retire from the race.. Hence, amidst the woeful performance, multiple people suspected the team to be ‘for sale’ in the market. However, Alpine’s owner Renault refused to accept any of these rumors regarding the team being sold.

Renault CEO Luca de Meo made it very clear that Alpine wasn’t for sale. De Meo reckoned that there was ‘no way’ the team would give up on performing better down the season. The Italian claimed that selling the team amidst lackluster performance wasn’t his ‘style’ of owning the team. Hence, it will be highly unlikely to witness the team’s door open for being sold.

I want to make this very clear. There is no way we are going to give up, It’s not my style. 
Luca de Meo told

Additionally, Luca de Meo clearly mentioned that there was no way that ‘even a part’ of Alpine would be sold. Although Renault had sold a 24% stake to a Ryan Reynolds-led investment group previously. The CEO claimed that they didn’t require the money despite people making offers ‘left and right’. However, the Italian reiterated that they were not interested in the offer as selling the team would be ‘stupid’.

We will not sell even a part of this thing. We don’t need the money. I’ve had people making offers left and right, then talking in the press about it. But we’re not interested. It would be stupid and I won’t do it.
Luca de Meo added.

Luca de Meo claims Alpine not in F1 to be ‘tourists’

Alpine’s recent performance has not been trophy-worthy by any means. The team continues to fail in terms of good performance over multiple race weekends. Luca de Meo highlighted that Alpine should have the ‘broadest shoulders’ with the backing of Renault in Formula 1. However, the CEO also accepted that the team didn’t deserve to be a top team in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Alpine should be one of the teams in F1 with the broadest shoulders, because it has the backing of the Renault Group, I don’t think we deserve to be a top team at present, but we’re not in F1 to be tourists so we need to work hard. 
Luca de Meo noted.
Jack Doohan in the Alpine A522 during the post-season test in Abu Dhabi (IMAGO / Motorsport Images)
Alpine’s Chassis (via IMAGO)

The Italian accepted that the constructor made mistakes which was common in Formula 1. However, painting the car blue to represent Alpine’s automotive idea was crucial for their legacy in F1. Alpine’s brand was totally legitimate due to the competition. Regardless, the team has a lot of potential and can do much better according to the CEO.

Sure, we’ve made mistakes. It happens. But I think we’re right to put F1 at the core of Alpine, and to paint the car blue to represent a distinctive automotive culture. This brand is totally legitimate because it was always in competition. But it can do much better, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.
Luca de Meo added.

Esteban Ocon has deemed his exit from the French constructor in the coming season. Additionally, Pierre Gasly‘s contract will end by the end of the 2024 season. Hence, the upcoming season will be highly exciting for the team in Formula 1.

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