Helmut Marko claims he has ‘called truce’ with Christian Horner to ‘combine strength’ against rivals

Helmut Marko claims he is on good terms with Christian Horner after calling a truce between themselves amidst Red Bull's underwhelming performances.

Helmut Marko claims he has ‘called truce’ with Christian Horner to ‘combine strength’ against rivals

Red Bull's Helmut Marko, Max Verstappen and Christian Horner during the Hungarian GP weekend (Image through IMAGO / HochZwei)

Red Bull’s rumored power struggle amongst the top figures of the team might have imminently caused issues in their performance. The team has lost out on three races out of the total eight races. Hence, the team will have to combine forces to start scoring race victories in lieu of degrading performance. Helmut Marko reckoned that he had no issues with Christian Horner at the moment.

The Red Bull crew faced multiple problems during the Christian Horner investigation saga with Helmut Marko allegedly being behind the leak. However, as the case has been settled, Marko is now on good terms with the boss. The advisor mentioned that Horner and he called a ‘truce’ over the issues. Additionally, Marko noted that the two will combine their strengths to compete with the rivals and return to their race-winning form.

We have called a truce. We will combine all our strengths [to compete with rivals].
Helmut Marko said, as reported by krone.at.

The 80-year-old acknowledged that although the team won’t be enjoying the dominant pace, Red Bull wants to win. The Austrian constructor came in the 2024 season with great hopes of a perfect season. Marko highlighted that the team will extract the maximum potential and look ahead to winning the championship for the 2024 season.

Even if we are no longer superior, we want to win. We will get the maximum out of it and look towards the world championship title.
Helmut Marko added.

Helmut Marko claims Red Bull lost the ‘dominance’ after the first three races

Red Bull’s start to the 2024 season was as expected by following their dominant pace of the previous season. However, multiple issues have caused the team to lose out on multiple races since then. Hence, Helmut Marko claimed that the team lost the dominance after running just three races. Additionally, Marko revealed that the competition caught up after Red Bull dominated the ground-effect era for two years.

We lost the dominance of the first three races, the competition caught up in the third year of the current regulations, copied some things and even improved them.
Helmut Marko noted.
Max Verstappen, elmut Marko and Christian Horner
Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

Apart from this, the 80-year-old claimed that there wasn’t much innovation available from Red Bull’s side. The Austrian constructor maxed out on developing the challenger to the best possible. Hence, all rely on the drivers’ racecraft and consistency. Marko asserted that the rival team’s improving pace was nothing ‘honorable’ and just a simple logical development.

There is not much space left for innovation. This is simply a logical development, nothing honorable.
Helmut Marko concluded.

Red Bull will have to bring in multiple in-season upgrades to keep up with the development war against the rivals. McLaren and Ferrari have been looking extremely competitive against Red Bull’s dominant campaign. Max Verstappen has been struggling a lot to bring home some crucial victories. Hence, the team is running the risk of being ousted from the top spot soon if they fail to bring better results.

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