Christian Horner’s ex-Spice girl wife Geri Halliwell reportedly drops his surname in a promotional video for Dior

Geri Halliwell seems to have removed Christian Horner's surname for a video for Dior after rumors of tensions between the couple few weeks ago.

Christian Horner’s ex-Spice girl wife Geri Halliwell reportedly drops his surname in a promotional video for Dior

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner (via IMAGO)

The Christian Horner investigation saga has been put behind as the team focuses on overcoming the struggles. The entire investigation was carried out quickly and Red Bull cleared the team principal of any investigations. During the investigation, Horner’s wife and ex-spice girl Geri Halliwell stayed loyal to his husband and backed him throughout the investigation. However, a shocking revelation has been brought forth hinting at a separation between the two.

Things were thought to be great between Christian Horner and his wife Geri Halliwell. Halliwell never left Horner’s side and always sided with him over the sexually transgressive behavior. The couple even kissed after Red Bull’s dominant victory in Bahrain. However, Halliwell’s recent campaign with Christian Dior has witnessed a shocking change.

Geri Halliwell has reportedly ditched her married name for a video with Christian Dior. There hasn’t been much information revealed from either Dior or Halliwell regarding the same. Hence, the fans are extremely shocked over this and wait for further information. Halliwell was rumored to get her hands on the evidence of the case, and hence this could’ve caused both of them to potentially part ways.

Christian Horner claims Max Verstappen did a ‘perfect job’ at the Canadian GP

The Canadian GP saw a great end to the race for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez failed to score any points and succumbed to his second DNF of the season. Christian Horner was very praiseful of Verstappen for scoring a race win despite the difficult conditions in Canada.

Max Verstappen, elmut Marko and Christian Horner
Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

Horner mentioned that Verstappen managed to ‘exploit’ the conditions. Subsequently, the team principal reckoned that the Dutchman did a ‘perfect job’ by integrating the strategies from the pit wall. Additionally, the 50-year-old noted that Red Bull made the right choices in terms of strategy which helped the team score a rewarding race.

Just look at the restarts and see how he managed to exploit the conditions. He [Max] did a perfect job integrating impeccably with the decisions of the pit wall. Strategically we made the right choices, it was a very rewarding race to win.
Christian Horner said, as reported by

Red Bull has been struggling to manage their start of the season pace. Hence, the team will have to keep up with the in-season upgrades to ensure that they do not lose the developement war. Rival teams, especially Ferrari and McLaren are coming extremely close to replicating Red Bull’s dominant pace in the 2024 season.

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