“These things can happen,” Max Verstappen claims he consoled George Russell for ‘making mistakes’ at Canadian GP

Max Verstappen acted as a great friend to George Russell and consoled the Briton over a few mistakes during the Canadian GP.

“These things can happen,” Max Verstappen claims he consoled George Russell for ‘making mistakes’ at Canadian GP

Max Verstappen (L), George Russell (R) (images via IMAGO)

The Canadian GP was full of surprises for multiple teams on the grid. Mercedes scored a massive comeback from their disappointing start to the season. Red Bull continued their struggles despite Max Verstappen scoring a race win. However, George Russell‘s race in Montreal was ruined due to multiple mistakes made by the Briton. Hence, the reigning world champion consoled the Briton over this.

George Russell was very hopeful of a race win from the pole position after a victory slump of almost two years. Additionally, Red Bull’s degrading pace further enabled the chances of a Mercedes victory. However, after losing the victory, Russell was expectedly disappointed with the situation. Hence, Max Verstappen consoled him and said that these things happened while pushing to the limit.

I told George already before, he was a bit upset with himself, and I said: ‘Mate, these things can happen. We are all pushing to the limit.
Max Verstappen told George Russell post-race.

The race-winner further highlighted that sometimes the risks paid off while sometimes one mistake ended it all. Regardless, Verstappen ensured to stay positive and mentioned that this was all a part of the process of motor racing. The Dutchman guaranteed that Russell would look back at the situation and learn from it as they all were still very young and had a lot of time.

Sometimes it works out, and sometimes you make one mistake too much, and it can catch you out.’ But that’s racing, I'm sure he will learn and look back at it. We’re all very young still, you learn a lot.
Max Verstappen added.

Max Verstappen claimed Mercedes had the ‘overall fastest car’ at the Canadian GP

Mercedes’ P3 and P4 finish at the Canadian GP was the best result so far in this season. Hence, the upgrades sported on the car at the Monaco GP definitely paid dividends in this race. The team will further look forward to the coming races and introduce more upgrades. Brackley is currently way behind the championship battle.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen didn’t score the race win with the easiest of the drive. The Dutchman had to battle it out in an action-packed Montreal race. Additionally, during Qualifying, Mercedes had the fastest lap times during the Q2 session. Hence, Verstappen noted that they had the fastest car overall in Canada. Hence, Russell’s disappointment was evident despite it being too easy to commit a mistake.

For sure, I think overall Mercedes had the fastest car, so I would also be dissapointed. But it’s so easy to make a mistake.
Max Verstappen noted.

The racing action provided at the Canadian GP has further excited the fans for the late season. The top three or four teams could bunch up towards the end in the constructors’ championship. McLaren and Ferrari have showcased great development and Mercedes is expected to do the same.

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