“2 year extension?” – Fans SLAM Red Bull for renewing Sergio Perez’s contract after the Mexican gets knocked out in Q1 at Canadian GP

Sergio Perez was once again knocked out of Q1 in Qualifying amidst a disappointing streak of results.

“2 year extension?” – Fans SLAM Red Bull for renewing Sergio Perez’s contract after the Mexican gets knocked out in Q1 at Canadian GP

Sergio Perez (via IMAGO)

Red Bull has been struggling for the past few race weekends. The team has failed to score the race win at the previous Monaco GP. Additionally, the simulator data has started causing further problems with the chassis. Max Verstappen is trying his best to score decent results for the Austrian constructor in the 2024 season. However, Sergio Perez continues to fall down the hole of bad results once again.

Sergio Perez was expected to be in the vicinity of Max Verstappen‘s performance in the struggling RB20. However, the Mexican driver has failed to steer clear of Q1 at the Canadian GP. This is the second time that the 34-year-old has failed to qualify for the second Qualifying session. Hence, all eyes will be set on Perez to perform better than this, especially after his contract extension by two years.

The Mexican driver has no pressure to perform the best. However, Yuki Tsunoda had previously reckoned that anything could happen despite the two-year extension. Hence, the 34-year-old will still have to closely follow his dominant teammate Max Verstappen in second. Anyhow, looking at the current qualifying results, Checo will have to work extra hard to move up the pecking order to score some decent points.

Fans unhappy with Sergio Perez’s degrading form in the 2024 season

In a recent tweet on X, multiple fans showcased their disappointment with Perez’s disappointing qualifying performance. The 34-year-old is definitely expected to maintain Red Bull standards and perform better than this. A majority of the fans pointed towards the recent contract extension and berated the team for this decision. One fan added that the team should just ‘sack the driver’.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Apart from this, some fans hilariously pointed out Carlos Sainz’s availability amidst Perez’s extension. Another fan claimed that they couldn’t ‘believe’ such a disappointing result from the 34-year-old. A particular went too far and highlighted that the real problem lay in Christian Horner and his leadership. One fan added that Hugh Bird was the reason behind Perez’s waning form.

Regardless of the comments, Sergio Perez will need to fight out on the track at the Canadian GP. The team already has a lot on their plate and degrading driver performance is definitely not one of those. The team will refocus in the main race and attempt to help the 34-year-old finish in the best position possible. All eyes will be set on the Red Bulls at the Canadian GP amidst the ongoing struggles for the team.

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