Yuki Tsunoda claims ‘anything can happen’ despite Sergio Perez’s two-year Red Bull extension

Yuki Tsunoda is still hopeful for a promotion to Red Bull amidst Sergio Perez's contract extension.

Yuki Tsunoda claims ‘anything can happen’ despite Sergio Perez’s two-year Red Bull extension

Yuki Tsunoda [L] Sergio Perez [R] (images via IMAGO)

Yuki Tsunoda‘s chances of promotion at the Red Bull family have constantly been fading away. Especially with Sergio Perez‘s multi-year contract extension, Tsunoda has no chance of a promotion anytime soon. The Japanese driver had previously been rumored to consider ditching the team for a chance at better prospects. However, the 24-year-old still hasn’t lost hope of a chance at promotion.

Sergio Perez‘s contract extension by two years caught everyone off-guard, especially Yuki Tsunoda. The Japanese driver was already considering joining the Haas F1 team and leaving the Red Bull family. Multiple people claimed that this was the nail in the coffin for Tsunoda’s chances of promotion now. Tsunoda reckoned that Perez would still need to perform well in the coming two seasons. Hence, anything could happen with the Mexican’s seat in the Austrian constructor.

Even these two years [Perez] has to still perform and in this kind of environment, anything can happen. So, congratulations to him. For me, I just keep focusing on what I'm doing and just proving myself.
Yuki Tsunoda said, as reported by autosport.com.

Additionally, Tsunoda reckoned that he would have to grow more and keep hoping for a shot at promotion. The 24-year-old ‘hoped’ that Red Bull would reconsider their resentment against the promotion. The Japanese driver also mentioned that the team would look over his performances in the future and potentially consider him for a seat at the highly coveted spot at Red Bull.

I just have to grow more and, at the same time, hopefully, Red Bull will understand more or see more of my progress and my potential performance and maybe [it] can change in the future.
Yuki Tsunoda added.

Yuki Tsunoda claims he’s ‘happy’ with RB despite being snubbed from promotions

Ever since the beginning of the 2024 season, Yuki Tsunoda has more or less outperformed his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. Regardless, the team refuses to put the 24-year-old above the Aussie driver and finally gives him the seat he deserves. Tsunoda mentioned that he was already committed to Red Bull and hoped for more commitment from the top roles at Milton Keynes.

Obviously I'm already committed with Red Bull a lot and hopefully I can have a bit more commitment from them.
Yuki Tsunoda noted.
Yuki Tsunoda
Yuki Tsunoda(via IMAGO)

The 24-year-old added that there was an ongoing discussion at the Red Bull GmbH regarding Tsunoda’s promotion. Hence, the Japanese driver claimed that he wanted to make sure that he and the team were on the same page. However, Yuki Tsunoda was happy and content with his current role at RB despite being ignored for promotions.

There's an ongoing discussion and I want to make sure first of all we're on the same page with Red Bull after that we'll see. But I'm happy with RB.
Yuki Tsunoda concluded.

RB crew has to bring in multiple in-season upgrades to keep up the lead over the bottom order of the team. Additionally, Ricciardo will also have to start performing better results to ensure maximum points for the team. Tsunoda will continue to focus on his job at Faenza perform well and keep hoping for a promotion.

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