Lance Stroll claims he’s ‘beaten’ Fernando Alonso in 2024 by mentioning impressive ‘4-4 qualifying record’

Fernando Alonso currently leads Lance Stroll by 22 points in the drivers' championship.

Lance Stroll claims he’s ‘beaten’ Fernando Alonso in 2024 by mentioning impressive ‘4-4 qualifying record’

Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso (via IMAGO)

Aston Martin Racing driver, Lance Stroll has silenced critics by showcasing his pace on the grid this season. He has matched his teammate, Fernando Alonso‘s qualifying pace on four occasions. Since the start of last year, Alonso has been the more dominant driver for the Silverstone-based team.

Lance Stroll has been under the axe for a prolonged period, as the Canadian driver has failed to impress as much as his teammate on several occasions. Fernando Alonso scored an impressive eight podiums last season, whereas Stroll could manage a finish only as high as P4.

This season, however, Stroll has been at par with Alonso and has performed better than the two-time world champion on four occasions. Despite the impressive qualifying performances, the 42-year-old still leads the Canadian driver by 22 points in the drivers’ championship.

The points are a little bit deceiving because sometimes one guy can have an engine failure. That sometimes differentiates the points at the end of the season. I look at my last few weekends, and I think they’ve been strong. When I look at pace right now, and speed, like I said, 4-4 in quali. People say he’s super good and I beat him the last few weekends, so take it as you want
Lance Stroll said in an interview with TSN

The Silverstone-based team has not managed to be as competitive as they were in the past season and currently stands fifth in the constructors championship. As the season proceeds, both Fernando Alonso and Stroll will look to score more points for the team in the hunt for podiums and race wins.

Fernando Alonso is pleased with Adrian Newey Aston Martin rumors

The 32-time race winner, Fernando Alonso has said that he sees a positive sign with rumors of Adrian Newey joining Aston Martin in the coming season. The legendary British designer announced earlier this year that he will be leaving Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso and Adrian Newey
Fernando Alonso and Adrian Newey (via IMAGO)
He’s a legend of the sport and first of all I feel privileged to drive in this moment in Formula 1 and the last 20 years, sharing the sport with Adrian, obviously as a competitor. And it’s a privilege - to be linked with Aston Martin is already a good sign and good news for us that a legend of the sport and Aston Martin are linked somehow
Fernando Alonso said in an interview with F1

Adrian Newey is one of the most successful race engineers in the world of motorsport and boasts a staggering 13 drivers’ championships and 12 constructors’ championships to his name. Newey has been linked with several rumors of joining Ferrari, Mercedes, and even Aston Martin next season.

Fernando Alonso looks back on his competition with Adrian Newey spanning over 20 years and is pleased with the motorsport legend’s Aston Martin rumors. The succeeding months will reveal how true the rumors associated with Newey are, with the Brit yet to make any statement regarding his whereabouts on the paddock for next year.

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