George Russell claims Mercedes has the ‘most successful engineers’ amidst Toto Wolff’s pursuit of Adrian Newey

Mercedes secured an impressive eight constructors and seven drivers world championships during the turbo hybrid era.

George Russell claims Mercedes has the ‘most successful engineers’ amidst Toto Wolff’s pursuit of Adrian Newey

George Russell, Toto Wolff and Adrian Newey (Via: Imago)

The once all-conquering Mercedes F1 team has been on a downward spiral since the dawn of the new regulations. The ground-effect era has so far not proven kind to them but despite this, George Russell has blatantly made it known that the Brackley-based team has the most successful engineers.

The Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff is trying to persuade Red Bulls’ Adrian Newey to join his team next year and while the latter will be a great addition, George Russell has emphasized the importance of engineers already working at Mercedes.

The young Brit has no doubts about the abilities of engineers currently filling key roles on the team.

You want to have the best engineers, the best drivers, the best mechanics, you want to have the best individuals [as] part of your team. But I think the team we have here, over the course of the last 12 years, the group of engineers that sit in the room next door are still the most successful engineers that Formula 1 has seen in the last 12 [or] 13 years.
George Russell said in an interview with racingnews365

Looking at the reaction of the 26-year-old, he has oozed immense confidence around the people who have been working at Mercedes since the start of the turbo hybrid era. Between 2014 and 2021, the German outfit amassed eight constructors championships and seven drivers world titles.

George Russell has his ‘utmost faith’ in the people at Mercedes

As indicated earlier, 2021 was the last time the Toto Wolff-led team was able to challenge for a world championship. Since then, it has been setback after setback and the team currently finds itself in fourth place on the current grid.

Mercedes W15
Mercedes W15 (Via: Imago)

However, despite the struggles, Russell is not losing his faith.

Now we're going through a period where we're not achieving the success that the team once achieved a few years ago. But I have every faith in everybody, the people that won the championships, the new engineers and individuals who are part of this journey, to bring Mercedes back to the top.
George Russell said in the same interview

The W15 does not seem like the machinery that would be able to pose a threat to rival teams this year. But, if Mercedes is able to come up with upgrades like the ones that McLaren put on Lando Norris‘s MCL38 in Miami, then something noteworthy could be achieved this year. The next few events could make or break the German outfit’s 2024 campaign.

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